Introducing the Kosher Aldi Database

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Shopping at Aldi is one of my favorite ways to keep my grocery budget under control.

They have incredible deals on produce – like $.29/lb bananas, $.25 avocados and $.99/lb strawberries. (Remember to find out when your store receives their produce delivery for the best and freshest selection.)

But fruits & veggies aren’t the only way to save at Aldi. They also have numerous kosher-certified items for everyday and speciality occassions (like their dried fruit, which I used for our Tu B’Shevat seder).

In order to help you be a smarter shopper, I have compiled this Kosher Aldi Database – a comprehensive listing of over 250 products that are kosher at Aldi.

You can check out the database here. And be sure to bookmark this page – or you can easily find it by clicking on the Kosher Aldi Database button over to the right –>

Kosher Aldi Database Button

Or by searching under “Aldi” on the Shopping Category at the top of the blog.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how many of your groceries you can buy at Aldi.  Learn more about shopping at Aldi here.





  1. Rivka H. says:

    It looks great!!

  2. barbara arfe says:

    It is always exciting to learn about places which carry Kosher items.
    My husband goes food shopping with his car, every Thursday, and I would love to win this contest so that he would have even more food choices.
    Thank you!

  3. The link is no longer working. Is there a new link? I go back to this list from time to time to check items. Thanks

  4. Avigail says:

    Do they sell kosher fresh meat too?

  5. The link is not working. Could you please repost. Thank you

  6. Has this ever been fixed?

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