iTunes Gift Cards | Buy One, Get One 20% Off

iTunes Gift Card

10% iTunes Gift Card Discount

Today at Best Buy, you can pick up some iTunes gift cards on sale Buy One, Get One 20% off – which I like to think of as saving 10% on each. Make sure you get both cards of the same value, otherwise the 20% comes off the lowest priced item.

While a 10% savings isn’t enormous, what I like about this sale is that it includes all denominations. Sometimes we’ll see $15 off a $100 iTunes Gift Card, but I can’t imagine giving a birthday gift with that high-value of a card. A $10 or $25 card, on the other hand, is definitely more do-able.

I also like that these are physical cards — typically the $100 gift card deals are actually e-cards. And it’s nice to actually put something tangible into a greeting card for someone as their gift (call me old fashioned!).

Shipping on your gift cards is FREE. Or you should be able to select in-store pick-up, as well.

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