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Have you ever ordered from Amazon? You know how you can get free super saver shipping on many items, but to qualify, you need a minimum order? So, then the $8 item you wanted to order turns into $25 worth of items, just so you can get the free shipping? (No? Just me?)

Well, Amazon has this awesome program called Amazon Prime, which entitles you to free two-day shipping or $3.99 overnight shipping on tons and tons of products. The only problem is that it cost $79 a year to join Prime. But every now and again, Amazon offers a free one month trial of the Prime program, which I was thrilled to able to take advantage of this summer. It was awesome! I could buy little this’s and that’s with my Swagbucks and then they would arrive at my house just 2 days later!

Anyway, cutting to the chase… Amazon has just launched a new program called Amazon Mom, which is designed for moms, dads, grandparents — anyone who takes care of babies and little ones. Membership in Amazon Mom is totally free and among other benefits, it entitles you to three months worth of free Amazon Prime! And for every $25 you spend per a month in Amazon’s Baby Store, you will receive one more month of free Prime, good for up to 12 months.

You will also enjoy 30% off diapers when you order using the Subscribe and Save option. S-and-S usually entitles you to a 15% discount, but Amazon Mom members will enjoy double the benefit! Don’t worry, if you want to discontinue S-and-S, you can do so at any time.

I’ll be on the hunt for some great diaper scenarios that meet my “no more than $.09 a diaper” requirement, but in the meantime, go and sign up for Amazon Mom. If for no other reason than the Amazon Prime membership, it’s totally worth it!


  1. This popped up when I was researching in Amazon the other day and I was like, “YAY!” My Mom has prime and we all (my siblings) use hers. It has been great…except for when we want to buy something FOR Mom and we can’t use it because she will get the email saying something has shipped. So now we can be stealthy too.

    I’ve bought diapers from Amazon before and there is nothing like a great deal PLUS it showing up for free on my door step! I was able to get the 30% off from Amazon for signing up for the subscribe and save and a few months ago I used an additional 20% off coupon I had found in a magazine. That was awesome.

    Thanks for the heads up on this!

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