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Aliyah Landing at Ben GurionAre you planning to make aliyah? Do you know someone who is?

This is for you! I am teaming up with my dear friend Lara from Olim Advisors to host a FREE webinar next Sunday, March 17 at 11 am EST about making aliyah.

Lara is the ultimate expert on making aliyah, so if you want to learn from the BEST, please sign up to join us for this webinar about the FIVE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS you have to do to smooth your transition to Israel.

Listen: I love living in Israel. Most days, it’s a dream come true.

But some days, I cry and drink wine, because – let’s face – moving is hard and moving to a new country, with a different language and culture (even if it is my homeland) is even harder.

When I have those days, and need some clear advice about how to get done what I’m desperately trying to get done, the person I turn to is Lara.

More than just a dear friend, Lara is a treasure trove of knowledge about Israel, aliyah, klitah (absorption into Israeli society), and everything else a new immigrant needs to know to make it here. She started Olim Advisors in 2016 after helping her brother’s family with their aliyah.

Her brother was a good Hebrew speaker, and even still, she realized how much help they needed. Between setting up their apartment for them, hooking up their Internet, smoothing the process with Misrad HaKlita (the Ministry of the Absorption, which provides all your aliyah benefits), and offering constant advice and support throughout their first year of aliyah, they couldn’t have made it with Lara.

A few months after her brother’s aliyah, he said to her, “We literally couldn’t have done it without you. What do all these other people do, who don’t have you??”

That’s when the light went off. Everyone needs help when they first yet here.

Yes, Nefesh B’Nefesh is wonderful helping you with the process of making aliyah, but what about once you’ve made aliyah? Who helps you once you get here?

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Since 2016, the answer for tens of new olim has been Olim Advisors.

If you’re fortunate, you have family or friends in Israel. But whether you have a built in support group, or are coming here solo, it’s not always easy or pleasant to be in the position of having to ask for help.

Plus, sometimes you need immediate guidance, like now, and no one is answering their phone!

Olim Advisors always answers the phone. Literally and figuratively.

Olim Advisors has a clear step-by-step process to cut through the bureaucracy and challenges of your first days, weeks and months of your aliyah. They will walk you through – like literally go with you to the appointments – each step of this process.

Plus, Lara is there for you with support and advice about literally anything Israel-related from the moment you decide to make aliyah until months (or even years) after you land here.

If you are in the process of making aliyah, or just thinking about it – one day, someday – I highly recommend that you join us for this webinar! If you can’t be there on Sunday, but want to get the information, go ahead and sign up, because everyone who registers will get access to the webinar playback.

Join the Aliyah Webinar with Olim Advisors.



  1. Lee Golden says

    EST? 11 am EDT?

  2. Shulammis says

    I’m giving an online class at that time, so I can’t join in the live webinar, but I look forward to listening to it later! We moved to Israel last week on student visas so hope to find a lot of useful information!

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