Just $39 for NuMe Hair Straightener + Argan Oil (& My Personal Glowing Review)

NuMe Straightener Review + Argan Oil DealThis post was underwritten by NuMe. Read my disclosure policy here.

***Last Day!!! This sale ends on August 31st at midnight!***

I am really not a “beauty” gal (at all!), but I just have to share with you my recent discovery of the NuMe Silhouette Hair Straightener – because it has totally blown me away.

Now, here’s the thing: I struggle with my hair. Although I am not a sheitel wearer, I must tell you that I am often jealous of those of you who are — your “hair” always looks good.

Mine, on the other hand, has a mind of its own.

I’m fortunate to have extremely thick hair – which my thin-haired friends tell me is a blessing. But it’s crazy thick and super coarse.

And as those of you with coarse, thick hair can probably relate, my hair can never seem to decide if it wants to be curly (the underneath), wavy (the sides) or straight and limp (the very top around my crown).

The one thing it can agree on? Go big or go home.

Whether I let my hair air-dry, or blow dry it, the second I step outside, my hair puffs up to three times its normal size. (It’s like a puffer fish. On my head.)

The only time I really like my hair is the day I leave the salon after a hair cut. Somehow, those magical people can tame my hair so that even the humidity doesn’t affect it. Bless them.

The rest of the time, though, I just throw my hair into a messy bun when I’m home, or a low bun with a baseball cap or bandana when I’m going out. For shul, I just wear a nicer hat!

It’s not that I don’t want pretty, shiny, normally-sized hair. I do.

But the amount of time and effort it requires? Not gonna happen.

Or so I thought.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from the folks at NuMe. I’d heard about their products, but never really thought they could make that big of a difference (hey, I’ve been dealing with this hair for 40+ years – if there was a miracle tamer, I figured that I’d know about it by now).

But they asked me if they could send me their Silhouette Signature Hair Straightener and Argan Oil to try out and possibly review.

A flat iron constructed of precision engineered, 1.25-inch, 100% solid rounded ceramic floating plates. Ceramic can be heated at maximum temperatures, is corrosion resistant, has high glide-through properties and requires less passes of the iron through the hair, resulting in less damage. Negative ion therapy conditions hair, keeping it lustrous and healthy. Straighten hair or create flowing, soft curls with the versatility of the Silhouette’s rounded plates. Negative ions disbursed through the ceramic plates seal natural moisture in the hair cuticle for maximum frizz-free shine, ensuring perfect styling and optimum health. The ergonomic design features a soft touch finish, temperature control from 140ºF to 450ºF, and a salon-style swivel power cord.

“What do I have to lose,” I told myself.

NuMe Hair Straightener

The day my package arrived, I was cautiously optimistic. I had washed my hair that morning and it was mostly dry (I usually don’t bother with the blow dryer – just let it dry on it’s own… benefit of working from home), so I decided I would give it whirl.

I started out by putting a dime size amount of the Argan oil on my palm and rubbing it through my hair. I did the thicker, curlier underneath sections of my hair first, then ran my hands through the top and sides of my hair.

WOW! It instantly felt softer and smoother. A lot less puffer fish.

Filled with generous amounts of vitamin E and other beneficial fatty acids, Argan Oil can be used as a hair and scalp treatment, leave-in conditioner, or a pre-styling product. Use it as a shine serum to calm frizz, soften cuticles, or even nourish skin. A well-known attribute of Argan Oil is prolonged hair color, shortened styling time, healthy hair growth and lasting shine. This high-grade oil repairs and prevents damage on hair, skin, and nails. 2 fl. oz.

Meanwhile, I was warming up the flat iron. I do own a flat iron, although I don’t use it often (because: Time). Truthfully, I wasn’t sure that one flat iron would really make a difference over another one.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how straight my hair got – and how quickly it got that way. I sectioned my hair, and it took about 20 minutes to get my whole head done. (I have fairly long hair – so I think those of you with shorter hair… or less thick hair… could probably do it in half the time.)

My only concern was whether my hair would get oily – I mean, I’d just rubbed oil into my hair and then heated it up!

No oiling up that day – and the next day, it still looked great, too. (Totally straight – not at all oily!)

Will I do this everyday? Honestly, no. Because I’m still a very low-maintenance girl at heart and even 20 minutes of ‘beauty’ time is probably too much for me to handle everyday. But now that I know it’s really quite simple – and really does work! – I will definitely do it on Friday afternoon before Shabbat!

I was so impressed with the Argan oil + hair straightener combination, that I asked the NuMe people if in addition to writing a review, I could also offer a special deal to my readers.

They were very gracious and came up with what I think is a truly stellar bargain!

Thru the end of August (August 31st), you can get their Silhouette Flat Iron (in pink, turquoise or black) + a 2 oz. bottle of Argan Oil for just $39 shipped!

This is an incredible deal – as the flat iron is regularly $139 (!!!) and the Argan oil is another $49.

To take advantage of this deal, just add the Silhouette to your cart and then head to checkout where you use the coupon code KOSHER39. The Argan Oil will be added automatically to your order, and the free shipping will apply, too.

Get your NuMe Flat Iron Deal here.


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