Lemon Herb Almond Crusted Chicken

Oh, recipe exchange fans… it has been a looooong time. I was transitioning to a once monthly recipe-posting schedule, but then Pesach hit, and I sort of lost my mind.

You’ll be relieved to know that I found it. A few days ago. Along with the chametz muffin tins I had stashed at the last minute in the basement.

So now that I’m ready to return to the recipe exchanging fold, I hope you are, too!

Today I have chosen to focus on chicken cutlets.

AKA schnitzel.

AKA – boneless skinless chicken breasts. Breaded, fried or baked.

A friend mentioned that she had made schnitzel for Pesach by breading it in ground almonds; I was intrigued – and figured I’d give it a try, too.

I googled for recipes and didn’t find anything that really spoke to me. So, here is the recipe I finally landed on, using the “little bit of this, little bit of that” method. It’s really yummy – with just a little bit of lemony tang and lots of crunchy, rich coating.

Do you have a favorite chicken cutlet/schnitzel recipe? Do you bread it in something unusual? Use a special dipping sauce? Bake it or fry it? Please share your best chicken cutlet recipes in the comments!


  1. I don’t have a recipe per se but I like to bread the chicken in pretzels. I season the flour with pepper, garlic powder, and whatever herbs I feel like that week. I flour, egg wash and then coat in crushed/ground pretzels. I fry to crisp on both sides and then finish cooking in the over at 350. It is one of my dd’s favorite meals for Shabbos. We usually just dip it in bbq sauce.

  2. Victoria says

    Have you ever tried using apricot jam as a dipping sauce with chicken cutlets? It’s awesome!

  3. hmmmm. I have almond flour in my freezer that I used for Pesach….I might try this next time I make schnitzel!

  4. Trader Joes sells almond meal that is just ground almonds. You can then mix it with whatever herbs you like.

  5. Um, why is there whole wheat bread in the recipe?

    • Mara Strom says

      Lisa: I assume you got here from my menu plan post for Passover. As I said on that post, I’ll be tweaking this recipe for Pesach. This recipe was not originally shared as a Passover recipe but I thought it would be easy enough to adjust. Hope that clarifies.

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