KOAB Recipe Exchange, Week 2: Pareve Side Dishes Theme

I loved our little recipe exchange last week. We got three yummy recipes for fleischig main courses on Shabbat (or other days), so if you didn’t already check them out, please take a look. Plus, comments are still open, so if you have a frugal-friendly recipe, I’d love for you to join the party! I, for one, can’t wait to try Amanda’s roast!

This week, I was hoping we could share our favorite pareve side dishes. I feel like I have gotten stuck in a rut when it comes to my sides, so I guess I’m looking for some inspiration, too. I had an awesome Asian-style cole slaw at a friends’ BBQ earlier this week, so I’m hoping she’s reading and will share her recipe on Friday. Do you have any ‘signature’ sides? Something that works well with either a dairy or a meat meal? Please keep cost in mind, too!

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got on Friday morning!


  1. My friend just gave me a recipe for a yummy pareve side dish. Israel couscous cooked with chicken stock and parsley. Saute strips of peppers and onions and craisins until soft. Add the peppers, onions and craisins to the cooked couscous. It is sooo yummy.

    • Sounds delicious. I might even try adding in a few slivered almonds or pine nuts (though the latter are SO expensive).

  2. I made this one to add to the Shabbat table for after the Challah is served. I guess it is more suited to be in a spreads category but it is soooo yummy and pareve and sort of a side and it was ALL gone in record time which made me happy and sad. Happy my guests enjoyed it and sad that there was none left over. Sometimes avacados are on sale and I grow my own cilantro in the summer. After cleaning it with a light box it is blended so it is kosher to eat.
    Avacado Dip
    4 avacado
    1/8 of a bunch cilantro blended
    1/2 cup tomato diced(add at end)
    1 tsp salt
    1/2 cup diced red onion or chopped green onion
    3Tbsp lime juice
    mix together onion, cilantro, salt and lime juice.
    mash avacado and add
    mix well
    add tomato
    cover well so no air is exposed to mix till ready to serve.

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