Complete List of Kosher for Passover K-Cups (2016 Update)

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Kosher for Passover K-Cups

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Updated: 4/1/16 17 new brands were added from 2015, so I have updated the list (no brands were subtracted!)

If you’re planning to kasher your Keurig for Passover, you’re going to need some Kosher for Passover K-Cups to go with it!

According to the OU’s Guide to Passover, the following brands of K-cups are kosher for Passover when bearing an OU only – no need for a special Kosher for Passover certification. This only applies to unflavored and regular (not decaffeinated) k-cups.

If you’re not sure whether your k-cups are unflavored, read the ingredients. The only ingredient should be coffee.

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Kosher for Passover K-Cups

*Note that the OU symbol often appears on the box and not on each individual k-cup. (See pg. 61 of the OU guide for more information.)

How to Kasher Your Keurig for Passover

How to Kasher Your Keurig for Passover (Instructions from the OU)

Tell me: Are you kashering your Keurig for Pesach?


  1. According to the OK, Gavalia ground coffee is kosher for Pesach but not their k-Cups due to the facility that they were made in.

  2. I am referring to the fact that the packages of Gavkia coffee display an OKp symbol

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