Don’t Forget: You Can Kasher Your Keurig for Passover!

How to Kasher Your Keurig for Passover (Instructions from the OU)

Updated: 2018

Calling all Java addicts: Here is some welcome news in the “one less appliance I need to buy for Pesach” department.

According to the OU, your Keurig can be kashered for Pesach.

The coffee maker must be cleaned well and not used for 24 hours. Remove K-cup holder and perform hagalah or iruy on K-cup holder.  Run a Kosher for Passover K-cup in the machine (this will kasher the top pin). 

Looking for Kosher for Passover K-Cups? I’ve got you covered there, too.

So, who’s gonna be kashering their Keurig this week?!


  1. Joyce Dingman says
  2. Michael Greenberg says

    In the OU Passover guide, there is a list of K-cup brands that, as long as they are OU all year long, they can be used for Pesach. To my knowledge, there are no decaf brands. If I am mistaken, let me know.

  3. I think all Gevalia coffees are OK-P

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