What’s Kosher for Passover at Trader Joe’s {Updated for 2017}

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Because I know you love Trader Joe’s…

I spent about two hours walking the aisles of my Trader Joe’s today.

I was scoping out hechsherim, referencing the various Pesach guides, and trying to sereptitiously take photos of all the Kosher for Passover products.

(I probably looked like a total weirdo.)

Here are the fruits of my labors: Trader Joe’s products that are Kosher for Passover.

Now, before you dig into the list, I would be remiss if I didn’t  include this multi-part disclaimer:

  • I am not a rabbi, nor do I play one on the Internet. I am not paskening, I am posting. If you have any questions, please consult with your actual rabbi.
  • Different communities have different standards. This list reflects the Ashkenazic standards outlined in the OU Guide for Pesach, the CRC Guide for Pesach, and Star-K Guide for Pesach. If you are Sephardic, you will no doubt have a different — shall we say, more robust — list of items to choose from (consult the Sephardic guides for Pesach, for more information).
  • Not all Trader Joe’s stores carry the same products. There are regional variances in product selection and price, as well as in hechsherim. I have listed what I found at the Cleveland Trader Joe’s (including pricing information, when available). If you have different products, prices or hechsherim at your store, I’d love to hear from you. Please email me pictures, if at all possible, and I will update this post!

Products That Do Not Require Any Hechsher (on Pesach or Year-Round)

Trader Joe's Fruit

Fresh Fruit

Price Check: Varies

Trader Joe's Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables

Price Check: Varies

Note: I have heard that some stores are carrying KLP bagged salads. I did not find these at my store, but if you have them at yours, I’d love to hear about it.

Trader Joe's Eggs

Eggs – It is recommended that you buy them before Pesach. Read more.

Price Check: From $1.49 per dozen for large, non-organic eggs.

Trader Joe's Milk

Milk – Again, it is recommended that you buy it before Pesach. 

Price Check: $2.79 per gallon; $6.19 per gallon for organic.

Note: Ignore the half-and-half at the top of this picture; only milk may be purchased for Pesach without any hechsher.

Trader Joe's Bottled Water

Bottled Water – Unflavored

Price Check: $3 for 24 bottles

Trader Joe's Flowers

Flowers — Yeah, yeah, I know these aren’t food and therefore of course don’t need a hechsher – Passover or otherwise. But the frugalista in me doesn’t buy a lot of fresh flowers, so on Erev Pesach, darnit, I’m getting myself some $4.99 tulips!

Products that Do Not Require a Special KLP Hechsher

Trader Joe's Raw Whole Cashews

Trader Joe’s Cashews – Raw, whole or pieces (p. 66, OU Guide)

Price Check: $7.49 for 16 oz. of Raw Whole Cashews

Trader Joe's Raw Almonds

Trader Joe’s Almonds – Raw, whole or pieces (p. 64, OU Guide)

Price Check: $7.99 for 12 oz. of Organic Raw Almonds

Trader Joe's Raw Pecan Halves

Trader Joe’s Pecans – Whole or Halves (Star-K Guide)

Whole and half pecans do not require KFP certification; however, pecan pieces and midget pecans must bear a KFP symbol.

Price Check: ? I didn’t get the price in the picture. I think they might be $3.59, but don’t quote me on that.

Trader Joe's Almond Meal

Trader Joe’s Almond Meal (p. 64, OU Guide)

Per the OU Guide, whole, piees and nut meal (no BHA or BHT-added) are all permissable without a hechsher.

Price Check: $6.99 for 16 oz. of Just Almond Meal

Note: Try using this as a coating for schnitzel – in lieu of matzah meal, or half and half with matzah meal. I bake mine in the oven. It’s delicious.

Trader Joe's Organic Thompson Seedless Raisins Trader Joe's Thompson Seedless Raisins

Trader Joe’s Thompson Seedless Trader Joe’s Raisins – With just an OU, raisins may not be “oil-treated” (Read more).

Price Check: $2.79 for Thompson Seedless (16 oz.), $2.99 for Thompson Organic Seedless (16 oz.).

Note: Be sure to check the ingredients. There was another brand of raisins right next to these that did have oil in the ingredients.

Trader Joe's Ground Coffee

Ground Coffee – Regular, Unflavored, Not Decaffeinated (p. 63, OU Guide)

Price Check: Varies

Trader Joe's Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (p. 67, OU Guide)

Price Check: $6.99

Note: The bottle must have a regular OU hechsher.

Trader Joe’s Canned Organic Coconut Milk and Reduced Fat Coconut Milk (per KosherCheck.org)

Price Check: $1.69 per can

Note: The can must bear the BCK symbol and should be purchased prior to yomtov.

Trader Joe’sTrader Joe’s Organic Triple Filtered Virgin Coconut Oil (per KosherCheck.org)

Price Check: ?

Note: The can must bear the BCK symbol and should be purchased prior to yomtov.

Additional Coconut Products Certified by KosherCheck (BCK) (per KosherCheck.org)

  • Unsweetened Coconut Chips
  • Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
  • Coconut Flour
  • Coconut Cream

Trader Joe's Empire Chicken

Empire Chicken – It is recommended that you buy before Pesach.

Price Check: Varies, Chicken Thighs – $6.49

Note: I buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts at Costco, where they cost $1 per pound less than at my TJs. But I can’t get chicken thighs there – and $6.49/lb beats our butcher.

Trader Joe's Orange Juice Concentrate

Frozen Organic Orange Juice Concentrate (Star-K Guide)

100% pure white grapefruit or orange frozen juices without sweeteners, additives, preservatives or enrichments (e.g. calcium) added

Price Check: $2.99

Trader Joe's Frozen Fruit

Frozen Fruit (Star-K Guide)

Unsweetened additive-free, without syrup, citric acid, ascorbic acid, Vitamin C, and that do not have an issue with insect infestation (e.g. Peaches, Melon)

Price Check: Varies

Trader Joe's Baking Soda

Baking Soda (Star-K Guide)

Price Check: $.99

Sea Salt (OU)

Price Check: $???

Kosher for Passover TJs Product – Must Have a KLP Hechsher

Trader Joe's KLP Wine Trader Joe's Kosher for Passover Wine

Trader Joe’s Wine for your Seder – With an OU-P

Price Check: Tempranillo (a Terrenal) – $5.99, Sara Bee (a sweet Moscato) – $7.99, and Seleccionado (a Terrenal)- $8.99

Notes: My TJs in Kansas City had the Sara Bee for $5.99 vs. $7.99 in Cleveland. I imagine that prices vary quite a bit regionally on wine.

Trader Joe's San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water – With an OU-P

Price Check: $1.49 per bottle

Fresh Tangerine Juice / Pasterurized Grapefruit Juice  – With a KSA-P hechsher (Thanks, Lisa)

Price Check: $3.69

Trader Joe’s Cage-Free Liquid Egg White – With an OU-P (Thanks Lisa & Susan)

Price Check: $3.99 per 16 oz carton

Trader Joe's Matzos

Trader Joe’s Holyland Matzos

Price Check: $1.99/lb

I heard that many TJs had chocolate covered macaroons last year, but I didn’t see them today.

What Kosher for Passover products have you found at your local Trader Joe’s? 

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  1. LilaTovCocktail says:

    You are so awesome for taking the time to do this — just the savings on wine will be worth all your effort. (I forgot you moved here to Cleveland — I’m in Shaker Heights, so same Trader Joe’s!)

  2. Wait, what? Almond meal from TJs is ok for Pesach? This is life-changing. Thank you!

    • Mara Strom says:

      Yes, I believe it is, Amy! And I concur – I love this stuff! The OU Guide says that nuts, nut pieces and nutmeal that are OU, does not require additional Passover certification, as long as there are no additional ingredients or additives. These contain only almonds.

  3. What an amazing list, Mara!!! I feel like I need to print it out and go shopping asap!

    • Mara Strom says:

      Thanks, Melinda! I found your coffee meat rub…. wanted to buy, but am trying not to buy anything non-essential for the next three weeks! In May!

  4. Chantal Modes says:

    Today i read that pecans are the exception to the rule and need a klp certification. Acc to the OU pesach guide.

  5. Trader joe’s unflavored mineral water should still be ok.

  6. I’m curious why it matters it certain things are purchased before Pesach. What if you need more milk during chol hamoed for example? (Forgive my ignorance)

    • You need to buy the milk at a kosher supermarket during chol hamoed

      • Miriam Duman Goldberg says:

        Apparently, there is a chance of there being trace amounts of chametz in the milk. If the milk was purchased before Pesach and had any trace of chametz in it, your bitul would cover it; however, if purchased on Pesach, you could be actively buying & consuming chametz. Buying it beforehand (or buying milk that is certified as being kosher lePesach) avoids this situation.

  7. Awesome! I’m curious to know how their prices compare to costco on items like raisins and olive oil for example. Any input?

    • Mara Strom says:

      The non-organic EVOO at Costco is cheaper; I’m not sure how it compares to the organic ounce per ounce, though.

      Also, haven’t looked at raisins in a while in Costco. Do you know what they run?

  8. Michelle says:

    Let me add eggs and pelegrino to that list.

  9. Anyone know about unsweetened coconut milk as opu?

  10. Thanks so much for the information and for taking the time to wander at Trader Joes. Great information!

  11. Charnie says:

    This will be so helpful! Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, in NYC they don’t sell wine in groceries, so can’t get the Moscato. But I’ll be there for the nuts and the almond flour! Lots of great recipes for cookies and cakes call for it.

    This is kind of funny because yesterday on Yahoo News was an article that all the Trader Joes were closing. Turns out it was an April 1 prank.

  12. Susie Wisner (Zorn) says:

    Between this post and the the others for Passover you posted, I think you’ve saved me hundreds of hours AND $. Thanks for helping to ease us into the Pesach madness,a little less crazy.

  13. Hi, Mara, A lot of very useful information, thank you so much. Quick question, if you don’t mind, is it only the frozen fruit that require no klp or is the veggies too? I love Trader Joes frozen Brussels sprouts, leeks, pearl onions, and chopped spinach. Do you know if those require the ‘P’? Thank you very much.

  14. Bravo! this is so helpful. I appreciate all of your time and effort.
    I had no idea so much was Kosher for Passover in Trader Joe’s
    Thank you

  15. Ellen Schabes says:

    Are the frozen pearl onions Kosher for Passover? Thank you Mara for all you do. Chag Kasher v’Sameach! All the best! ellenSchabes

  16. Renee Levine says:

    Walnuts are acceptable at Trader Joe and Costco sells dried Prunes with “P” certification.

  17. Adina Moses says:

    FYI to everyone out there, the TJ’s raw cashew pieces are 50 cent to a dollar less then the whole cashews and are ok for pesach following the same star k, ou and crc guidelines.

  18. This year I thought I would take a risk and by the Holyland brand matzo. IMHO, it is better than Yehudah brand!!!! My only concern is that there be consistency in the product. I know it’s not shmurah, but as a comparison it’s as tasty but thinner and crisper than hand shmurah, and way better than machine shmurah. Compared to Streits, also much better. The downside to Holyland brand is that it does not hold up when making matzo brei – gets too mushy.
    I so appreciate the time you’ve taken to look at TJ products. MANY thanks.

  19. This year I thought I would take a risk and buy the Holyland brand matzo. IMHO, it is better than Yehudah brand!!!! My only concern is that there be consistency in the product. I know it’s not shmurah, but as a comparison it’s as tasty but thinner and crisper than hand shmurah, and way better than machine shmurah. Compared to Streits, also much better. The downside to Holyland brand is that it does not hold up when making matzo brei – gets too mushy.
    I so appreciate the time you’ve taken to look at TJ products. MANY thanks.

  20. Thanks for all your hard work on the lost!
    This is the Jsor 2017 list. It changes yearly. http://jsor.org/JSOR%202017%20Passover%20List%20Revised.pdf

  21. I think the liquid egg whites there are OU-P, as they are in many supermarkets. I will check later today.

  22. I haven’t read all of the comments so I apologize if this has been asked earlier!

    How about TJ walnuts?
    Thanks for al you do!

  23. Oh, and there’s also juices (tangerine and orange with KLP hecshers). I’ll get a picture of those too.

  24. Love this, thanks Mara!!!!

  25. Cocoa does not need hashgacha l’pesach according to R Eidlitz’s guide, so you can include that too.

  26. One more item: the golden flax seed only needs to be checked for other grain before use, according to R Eidlitz.

  27. FYI. I was in my local TJs in Los Angeles today. Our Organic milk is $5.99/gal. At least one thing is less expensive in L.A.!

  28. What about coconut milk?

  29. Phyllis Bruder says:

    Fantastic and very helpful. Enjoyed your comments and the photos.

  30. i just want to say thank you! this is so helpful – this is a huge service to everyone!

  31. Sarah Rey says:

    I just wanted to Thank you, this is so helpful!!
    Really appreciate your hard work 🙂
    Do you know about TJ’s Stevia, liquid or powder (the small bottle) might it be Kosher for Pesach? I know it’s a long shot, but it would make such a difference. Thanks again!

  32. Our TJs carries Israeli sheep cheese that says KLP.
    Thanks for this amazing service!

  33. Echoing everyone’s deserved praise for this resource. Thank you so much. I brought it with me on a marathon TJ’s trip yesterday (in New York) and it ended up sparking a conversation with a very warm TJ’s employee, who said I was not the first customer to show up with that list!

  34. Obviously not relevant for Pesach, but do you know if trader Joe’s cookie butter is kosher and if it is dairy?

  35. Does anyone know if TJ powdered sugar with tapioca starch can be used for Pesach?

  36. Any insight into whether the maple syrup can be used with just an OU and not an OU-P?

  37. Malkie goldschmidt says:

    This is great thanks!
    Quick question ;The bagged prewashed fresh veggies are klp?

  38. Tracy Lynn says:

    Love this post! Thank you so much for doing this! Wondering about Trader Joe’s riced cauliflower- is it kosher for pesach? Thanks!

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