What’s Kosher for Passover at Costco? (NOT BEING UPDATED FOR 2022)

2022 Update: Please note that this list is NOT being updated for 2022, for a number of a reasons. First and foremost, because now that I live in Israel, updating this list without being able to physically go into the stores is very challenging. I paid assistants to do this work last year, but there were issues with conflicting information, which caused a lot of drama. Another reason is because this is a product that I provide EXCLUSIVELY to subscribers to my newsletter. A ton of time and labor went into preparing this list (and the Trader Joe’s one), and I offered it for free as a gift for my subscribers. Yet many people were sharing this list on private WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, etc, without subscribing. I was especially disheartened to see that some people even tried to rebrand this list as their own product and distribute it. Given those limitations, I decided it was best not to update this list for 2022. The information contained below is from the 2021 Passover Guides and has not been updated this year. I wish everyone a successful season of KLP shopping! If you have Costco specific questions, there is a Costco Kosher Facebook group (not affiliated with me in any way), which is quite active and will likely be able to help you.

By popular demand….

After posting yesterday’s Trader Joe’s KLP list, I got dozens of requests for a similar PDF downloadable list for Costco.

Your wish is my command!

To get your copy, just leave your email address below, and I’ll send it to you right away!

Before you dig into the list, I would be remiss if I didn’t  include this multi-part disclaimer:

  • I am not a rabbi, nor do I play one on the Internet. I am not paskening, I am posting. If you have any questions, please consult with your actual rabbi.
  • Different communities have different standards. This list reflects the Ashkenazic standards outlined in the OU Guide for Pesach, the CRC Guide for Pesach, and Star-K Guide for Pesach.
  • Not all Costco stores carry the same products. There are regional variances in product selection and price, as well as in hechsherim. Stores in areas with large Jewish communities tend to carry more ready-made food — so count your blessings! This list focused on items that are more likely to be found nationwide, although there is no guarantee that every item on the list will be at your local store.
  • If you find different products,  I’d love to hear about it! Please email me pictures, if at all possible, and I will share with the KOAB crowd.

If you’re starting to feel that pre-Pesach stress, I highly recommend that you check out my updated Guide to a Stress-Free Passover. Through the end of this week, it’s on sale for $18 (reg. $24.99).


  1. albert warman says

    can i be emailed what is avalable for passover in groceries we are 75 years old ..long tripgood to know in advance..many thanks as always

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