I Need Your Help! Kosher on a Budget Reader Survey

This is the last day to complete the KOAB reader survey. I have appreciated the input from those of you who finished the survey very much. I’ve you haven’t had a chance to do the survey yet, I hope you’ll find 5 minutes to do it today!

I need your help! ALL of you!

I have put together a survey for Kosher on a Budget readers because I want to learn how to better help you to live fruitfully… without multiplying your budget!

The anonymous results of this survey will be instrumental in helping me to determine future content, features, special series, store match-ups… and pretty much everything else you see on this blog.

I’ll still be writing about my passions and interests – don’t worry! But I want to know what you WANT as well, so that Kosher on a Budget can be as relevant to its readers as possible.

All questions are “optional,” so even if I didn’t give you a “I’d rather not say” option, you can skip over a particular question if you’d prefer not to answer. That said, the more complete your survey, the more helpful it is to me in planning for the future.

Please visit the Kosher on a Budget reader survey and fill it out for me today.  It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

As my way of showing my appreciation, I will be giving away five $5 Amazon gift cards to readers who have completed the survey.

In order to maintain your anonymity on the survey, I am not collecting email addresses on the survey. In order to be entered in the giveaway, I ask that when you finish the survey, you come back to this post and leave a comment.

On Tuesday, September 9th, I will close comments on this post – and randomly select the five winners from among those who have left a comment. If you are a gift card winner, I will notify you by email!

Thank you so much for your time and input ~ I appreciate all of you!

P.S. I understand a number of you are having an issue with #3, which asks you to rank the features of KOAB that are most useful to you. I checked on the SurveyMonkey site for information on issues with the ranking feature and here’s what I found:

Respondents can reorder the list for a ranking question in a couple of different ways:

  • Respondents can drag and drop the answer choices to re-order them as they wish.
  • Respondents can type the number corresponding to the ranking they’re assigning

lightbulb Tip! If respondents are reporting that the choices aren’t reordering, often this is reported when answer choices look very similar.  When the answer choices reorder the change is immediate.  If the answer choices are about the same length, respondents can be confused if the change has already taken place or not.  Let your respondent know they can drag and drop the choices and this should reduce confusion.

I hope that information helps!


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