Easy Chocolate Covered Strawberries Passover Dessert Recipe

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Passover desserts have come a long way since my childhood. Who else remembers those impossibly dry “sponge” cakes and glow-in-the-dark jelly fruit slices?

While we can now enjoy all kinds of flourless cakes and fruit sorbets, my all-time favorite Passover dessert is actual quite simple and humble: Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

I first made these for dessert at a seder the year my husband and I were married. They were such a hit that I’ve been making them ever since (this will be the 12th year!).

My kids have grown up on these — and while there’s nothing that would preclude you from making these during the year, they have become known as a special Pesach treat for my family.

(In fact, as I was working on this post, my oldest asked, “Oooooh! Pesach strawberries for your blog?”)

Making chocolate covered strawberries is really quite simple (you know I wouldn’t do it if it weren’t!), but since I often get asked for the “recipe”, I wanted to share it with you.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

What’s your favorite Passover dessert recipe?

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