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sukkot sale kosherwine.comI’m not sure what it is about being in the sukkah, but we sure did uncork our fair share of wine over the last two days!

If you’re running low, too, you may want to check out this quick Sukkot Sale from

Through October 4th, you can save 5% off any order when you use the coupon code SUKKOT5 at checkout.

If you’re looking for some recommendations, my friend Yosef who works for suggests Baron Bastis, which is their new value wine. Yosef (who knows far more about wine than I ever will!) calls the line a “robust French red and white wine”. Both the chardonnay and the carbernet sauvignon are $11.99 per bottle.

Case Del Celio Mixed Case Wine Giveaway

My family continues to enjoy our wines from the Casa Del Cielo line. (Read my review HERE.)

Don’t forget: Shipping from is always FREE when you order a case — and a case just means 12 bottles, so feel free to mix and match labels and varietals.

**DON’T MISS OUT!** is giving away a $100 gift certificate on their Facebook page. Check out the giveaway HERE. You need to be logged into your Facebook account to enter!


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