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Passover is around the corner! And to help you celebrate, KosherWine.com has an awesome Passover offer just for KOAB readers.

They are offering three different Passover Mixed Cases, and you can get an extra 5% off as a KOAB reader with the exclusive coupon code KOSHERBUDGET at checkout. Plus, shipping is FREE on all cases. ** If you live west of Kansas, today (3/24) is your last day to place your order and be guaranteed delivery by Pesach!!**

Choose from the following:

Passover Mixed Value Case $149 $141.55 with coupon code, Shipped

1. Yarden Hermon Moscato
2. Alfasi Mistico
3. Herzog Selection Chatenuef Bordeaux 4. Borgo Reale Pinot Grigio
5. Barkan Classic Sauvignon Blanc
6. Gamla Chardonnay 7. Alfasi Special Reserve Pinot Noir
8. Herzog Selection Vin De Pays Bordeaux Merlot
9. Gilgal Cabernet Merlot 10.Abarbanel Cabernet Sauvignon
11. Twin Suns Cabernet Sauvignon
12. Galil Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

Passover Mixed Red Case$259 $246.05 with coupon code, Shipped

1. Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon
2. Dalton Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
3. Chateau La Tonnelle Haut Medoc 4.Shiloh Shor Barbera
5. Flam Classico
6. Dalton Estate Zinfandel 7. Galil Mountain Pinot Noir
8. Gilgal Syrah
9. Domaine Netofa Red 10. Tzuba Merlot
11. Terra Di Seta Chianti
12. Chateau Thenac

Passover Connoisseur Mixed Case$379 $360.05 with coupon code, Shipped

1. Castel Petite Castel
2. Shiloh Secret Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
3. Bazelet Hagolan Merlot 4. Agua Dulce Zinfandel
5. Flam Classico
6. Chateau La Tonnelle Haut Medoc 7.Terra Di Setta Chianti Classico
8. Tulip Mostly Cabernet Franc
9. Goose Bay Fume Blanc 10. Yarden Katzrin Chardonnay
11. Covenant Red C Sauvignon Blanc
12. Yatir Syrah

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Coupon code is valid through 4/1/15, but you’ll want to pay attention to these shipping deadlines to get your wine in time for Passover:

  • Order by March 19  at 10 am for delivery to TX or MA
  • Order by March 24 for delivery to everything West of and including Kansas
  • Order by March 30 for delivery to everything East of and including Missouri

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