Last Day to Enter Head Covering Giveaway (Specifically Random)

Just a friendly reminder that today is the last day to enter the giveaway for a $30 gift certificate to Specifically Random.

I just love these headbands and babushka-style head coverings – and think you will, too!

Please leave your entries on the original post here. Entries will be closed tonight and the winner will be notified tomorrow morning!


  1. Rachael Gray-Raff says

    It is so cute ! Totally something I would wear on a regular day. Not sure if its Shabbas appropriate for me, but i do need more everyday hats/head coverings! Looks great!

  2. Jennifer Barnes says

    I mix up the styles all the time, but I care alot more about the pattern, fabric. the more interesting design, color, the better!

  3. Andrea Herzog says

    Would love a large pre-tied that covers ALL of my hair. I normally wear Israeli scarves but am just recently married so I’m open to try anything. Either something very classy/fancy, or something very interesting/colourful. My husband doesn’t like pink/yellow that that is my only preference. Thank you for doing this! <3

  4. Eva Sandorfy says

    I looks very comfortable and I like the style it shows. Looking forward to wearing one.

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