Living Social: Talia’s Steakhouse for Just $75 = Date Night Steal

Living Social, the deal-a-day site that brought us the $20 vouchers to Amazon for just $10, is offering up a very *hot* deal today at Talia’s Steakhouse on their NYC Uptown page. (Mmmm, that picture is making my mouth WATER.)

Get a Three Course Prix Fixe Dinner for Two to Talia’s Steakhouse and a Bottle of Wine for just $75, normally $150.

You and your guest will enjoy two appetizers, two entrées — choose from stuffed chicken breast, rib-eye steak, braised lamb shank, or grilled Atlantic salmon — two sides, and two desserts. Plus that bottle of vino!

And remember: Living Social will give you your dinner for FREE if you refer three other friends to this deal and they buy it as well. After your buy your voucher for dinner at Talia’s, they will send you a referral code to use in promoting it.

Sigh. Is it not enough that those of us in Kansas City don’t even have kosher restaurants? But now you fancy East Coast people get DEALS on your kosher restaurants, too?! (At least we save a lot by not being able to eat out!)

Thanks, Sandy!

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  1. I really considered doing this, because i would love to go there! But it is still $75 that is not in my budget and it would mean paying to get into the city and getting a sitter, thus doubling the $75. But it is a really good deal.

  2. The only thing worse than the food at Talia’s is the abominable service. Seriously, save your money for some of NYC’s really good places like Mike’s Bistro, Solo, Va Bene or the best dairy in town – Noi Due.

  3. citygirl says

    My husband and I just used our coupon last night. 5 stars for this deal!

    Food was excellent! Service could be better but typical for a kosher restaurant and they were very apologetic. Owner came over to say hello and ask how everything was (which was also very nice.)
    We thought this was a GREAT deal! Where can we get another coupon?

    PS – Attention Chocoholics – skip the dome and get the souffle – it was divine! I haven’t had a kosher pareve dessert that good in a long time, if ever!

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