Looking for a Deal? Here’s a Great Way to Let Me Know!


I get several emails and Facebook messages every day from readers looking for a great deal on a particular product. With the biggest deal season of the year right around the corner (in fact, judging by today’s iPad deal, I’d say that season has landed right on our door step!), the number of requests may reach a fevered pitch.

That’s why I asked my fantastic designer to create a user friendly way for KOAB readers to submit their deal requests to me!

Over there on the right hand side bar, just underneath the Search bar you’ll see a button that says Are You Looking for a Deal?

Click on the blue “Submit Your Request” button to tell me the product you’re looking for. Be as specific or as general as you want.

Tell me you want a toaster. Tell me you want a Black & Decker 8-slice toaster. Or just tell me you want some new small kitchen appliances! You’ve got 100 characters, so go for it!

You will need to submit your name and email address as well. I promise to never ever sell your address or use them in some other nefarious way! In fact, the only reason I want them is so that I can correspond with you about your deal request.

If I have a question about your request, or if I want to let you know personally that I’ve found your perfect deal, I may shoot you a quick email.

Truth be told, though, most of the time, you won’t hear from me at all – you’ll just know that I know what you need… and promise to post a deal on that item once I find one that’s worthy of being on the blog.

(What does “worthy” mean? To me, it means I don’t post any so-so deals. If it’s not a great price — and usually with free or seriously discounted shipping — you won’t see it here on Kosher on a Budget. I curate only the best deals, so you don’t have to worry about overpaying!)


You will also find the button to submit your deal requests at the bottom of most posts here at KOAB. If I write about a recipe, I won’t put there button there. But if I write about a great deal on a cookbook, I will.

Whether you access it from the side bar or the bottom of a post, the button is there to make your life easier! Just click “Submit Your Request” and fill in the information requested in the pop-up. Click “Submit” and I’ll be on it!

By the way, I’ve even given you the option of signing up for the KOAB Newsletter right there on the pop-up window. If you’re not already subscribed, please click the button to opt in. You’ll get an email shortly to confirm your request. If you already receive the KOAB newsletter, you’re good to go — leave that button unchecked.

I hope you enjoy the shiny new Deal Request button! Let me know how else I can hep you – I’m listening!


  1. great idea! but it doesn’t let you submit more than one request ……

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