Lowe’s | Sign Up for $10 Off Coupon

If you have some home improvement projects on the back burner, here’s an awesome coupon to get you motivated again!

Sign up for a MyLowe’s Account to qualify for a $10 off coupon.

Even if you don’t want to paint a room or build a deck, you could just pick up some lightbulbs and cleaning supplies at a nice little discount.

The coupon will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours.

Limit one per household.


  1. Hi- I signed up for the MyLowe’s account on September 6th, and although today is the 10th and it’s almost 4 (full) days since I signed up I haven’t received the email with the discount. I did get a confirming email from Lowe’s immediately so I know the account sign-up went through. I called the 800 number for customer service and spent almost one hour on the phone with someone who had no knowledge of the promotion. The rep kept putting me on hold to go and consult with his supervisor who also had no knowledge of this matter. I went on Google to see how many links I could find for this promotion and gave the customer service rep the name of one of the sites where it was mentioned. After more discussion with his supervisor he got back to me and said my complaint had to be taken to the next level whereby someone from marketing would look into this. When I asked how long it might take to get a response from Lowe’s on the matter he had to look into it and call me back. Turns out it will (supposedly) take 2 business days. Am I the only one to have trouble with this? I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has signed up for this even if it was successful.

    • Oh no! That sounds like a total nightmare, I’m sorry Renee! My husband signed up and got his code within 24 hours. I’m not sure what to tell you 🙁 Did you tell customer service the URL that you used to find the offer? (Not my site, but on their site.) They should be able to track that! Gah, I’m sorry this is so frustrating!

      • Hi Mara,
        Thanks for your concern. I did give the sales rep the name of the other website and I even tried to email him the exact link from your site but they aren’t allowed to give out email addresses. The URL was too long to give him over the phone, although I did notice the words feed blitz and told him he might try to search using that. Overall he was nice but he didn’t accomplish anything and it was very frustrating because no one seemed to have a clue about this promotion. It’s not like I called a store about a problem with something on the website and its’ not their concern. I called the customer service number on Lowe’s website itself. This is at least the 3rd time in recent memory that I have had a problem with a customer service department. It seems like no one cares anymore or stands behind what they sell. If you tell them that you are a long time customer and you might stop buying from them, they don’t care. I’ve had a store tell me I have to return a defective product to the manufacturer and manufacturers that say they take no returns without proof of purchase so it must come from the retailer. Does anyone stand behind what they make and sell anymore?

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