Magnetic Bracelet Craft Kits ~ Great for Bat Mitzvahs & Parties (Exclusive Chanukah Coupon Code for KOAB Readers!)

Magnetic Bracelet Craft Kits ~ Great for Chanukah Gifts, Bat Mitzvahs & Parties (Order by 11/12 for exclusive discount)

My friend Esther is not only incredibly talented, she’s also amazingly generous. When she gets phone calls from panicked Bat Mitzvah moms searching for craft ideas for their daughter’s upcoming simcha, she always comes to their rescue. But sometimes her clients live far from her Lakewood, NJ home, so Esther has come up with an ingenuous way to help them: Craft Kits. A few weeks ago, Esther and I met up in New York and she showed me the prototype for her Magnetic Bracelet Kit. I loved it immediately and was so thrilled when she asked if she could share her project here on KOAB.

As a craft stylist, I often get requests for ideas for craft activities suitable for parties. Although I’ve been directing craft programs, and writing craft related articles for quite some time now, I have found this request somewhat tricky.

As parties generally take place at home or in a hall, and the attendees are generally wearing “better” clothes, party crafts must be kept neat and clean — yet must still be fun and cool.

The solution?


Gorgeous, easy, and virtually mess-free, magnetic bracelet kits are the ideal project for your next party or simcha.

Magnet bracelets are not just fun to make, they’re also cool to wear. Simply thread a combination of these colorful, metal, and magnet beads onto our user friendly wire .

When you are done, wrap the beaded string around your wrist. Enjoy watching as the magnets attract to each other creating an attractive bracelet.

To order your original Esther O Magnetic Bracelet Kit, click HERE.

Price: $21.99/dozen bracelet kits

Coupon Code: KOAB readers can save $2 off their first dozen when they use the coupon code magkoab2off at check-out.

Shipping: Shipping is a flat rate of $5.80 per order, regardless of how many dozens you order.

Esther Ottensoser is a food stylist whose work is featured in various publications. Whether it be party planning, marketing a product, party favors, demos or crafts, Esther takes the simple basic everyday products and transforms them into that extraordinary presentation. For more creative ideas visit her blog Esther O Design.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of my friend Esther O Design. All (glowing) opinions of her talent and generosity are my own. For more information about sponsored posts, please see my disclosure policy.

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