Making a Summer Bucket List

Summer is here! My kiddos are all filled with can’t-fall-asleep-at-night excitement for camp and travel and All Star Games and sleepovers.

But I know, from past experience, that in the blink of an eye, my children will be heading back to school and I’ll be left wondering, What happened to our summer?!

So in an attempt to be more intentional about how we spend these fire fly days, I sat down with my kids yesterday to make a Summer Bucket List.

I’ve seen blogs listing dozens and even hundreds of activities, but I know us – and so we settled on fifteen activities.

Mind you, this isn’t all we’ll do this summer (swimming and bowling and Royals games and road trips didn’t make the list at all), but they are the things I suspect probably wouldn’t happen without the list.

The Internet is bursting with amazing ideas for how to craftsy-up your list.


I love, for example, how Passionate Penny Pincher made her bucket list with labeled clothes pins. (I’ve pinned loads of other Summer Bucket List ideas on my Parenting Pinterest board, if you want even more inspiration.)

For our Summer Bucket List, I decided to make BINGO boards.

Using Pages (Microsoft Word would work just as well), I made up three different cards, changing the order on each one.

I did my best to make them cute (in my limited craftsy capacity) with some fonky fonts and colors. Then I printed them, cut them down and laminated them.

Each child will get their own card. I haven’t decided what the BINGO winning prize will be – but I’m guessing ice cream will be involved! (In our house, ice cream needs no bucket list!)

Let’s talk summer plans. Are you making a Summer Bucket List? What activities made the cut on yours?


  1. Putting the finishing touches on it this very evening!!! This will be the first year that we set out with a specific agenda to do certain things before school starts back up in August. I’m so excited!!

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