From Matzah to Mindful | Four Questions Every Jewish Woman Needs to Ask to Reclaim Meaning, Health & Body Freedom

From Matzah to Mindful

Are you a Jewish woman who is craving more health in your life?

On Monday, March 31, Nina Manolson, a certified health coach, will be hosting a free conference call about experiencing Passover in a new way – without the exhaustion, overwhelm or that bloating and heavy feeling that so often accompanies the holiday!

(You might remember Nina from this great guest post last year on How to Eat Healthy During Passover.)

The call is called: The Real Four Questions Every Jewish Woman Needs To Ask To Reclaim Passover as a Holiday of Personal Meaning, Health and Body Freedom.

During this free 40-minute call, Nina and her co-host Karen Schachter will be teaching:

  • How to shift from being overwhelmed by the holiday to being filled with joy and “presence”
  • 3 ways to reduce the holiday bloat
  • The #1 way to experience food freedom at a time of food restriction
  • 5 healthy Kosher for Passover recipes you can make at home

I hope you’ll join me and tune in as Nina and Karen share their wisdom. They are both psychology of eating coaches with almost 40 years between them of working with women.

These women walk the walk, so if you’ve been wanting to get more healthy, this call may be a great gateway for you. I know I’m eager to hear what they have to say!

The call is free, but you do have to register for it HERE.

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