Mobile Coupons from Target: Fresh Produce, Sandwich Bread, Frozen Foods, & More

You can get a bunch of great mobile coupons from Target right now when you text the word FRESH to 827438:

  • $1 off fresh fruit purchase of $1 or more
  • $1 off fresh vegetable purchase of $1 or more
  • $1 off fresh meat purchase of $1 or more (does your Target carry kosher meat or chicken?)
  • $1 off any brand sandwich bread purchase of $1 or more
  • $1 off frozen food purchase of $1 or more
  • $1 off Market Pantry or Archer Farms purchase of $1 or more
  • $1 off any brand laundry detergent
  • $1 off any brand dish detergent
  • $1 off 6pk or larger any brand bath tissue
  • $1 off 6pk or larger any brand paper towel
  • $1 off any brand trash bag
  • $1 off any $3 or more purchase of Up & Up

Coupons will expire on 4/20/13.

Since these are Target Store Coupons, you can stack manufacturer coupons with them for even bigger savings.

Thanks, Swaggrabber.


  1. Hi Mara!!! Love your blog!!! Thank you for all the wonderful posts. I also wanted to let you know that according to Star K there’s a problem with buying chometz from Target. Here’s an article that was posted on our local blog. Hope it helps 🙂

  2. just for the record, it depends where you live. check with your LOR. CA targets are fine to shop from.

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