My Weekly Savings at Costco & Local Grocery Store

I had a very coupon-heavy trip today to my local grocery store. In fact, everything – right down to the blueberries and pomegranate – was bought with a coupon.

Truth be told, more and more I find myself price-matching at Walmart, since it’s closer to my house – and I can get the benefits of sales at three different stores by shopping at only one.

However, this particular store (Hen House, for all my local folks) doubles coupons up to $.50. And I had a load of store coupons that are only good there.

So when the sales are good – and they are very good this week – I make a special point to go there. I had about 25 minutes and my 2 year-old with me, so it was a bit insane.

The groceries in the middle and left of the picture are from this store.

The retail value was $59.54. I spent $14.61.

Highs: FREE Tropicana Orange Juice (and you know how excited that makes a Tropicana loyalist like me!); $.99 bags of chocolate chips; and FREE Boar’s Head mustard.

Lows: I could have sworn that those Waflebakkers had an “acceptable” hechsher, so I didn’t even look at them. (oops!) When I got home, I realized that they are just marked KD. I need to check into this more, but I can always donate them.

Next, I went to Costco, where I picked up milk, cheese, eggs and cucumbers and paid… $31.30. Ugh. This is why you have to be careful at Costco.

Highs: Milk is back down to $1.99 for a 2-gallon!

Lows: They were out of my BELOVED Mexican cheese blend. Sad, sad Mara.

Total for the day: $45.91

How’d you guys do this week? Anyone score some major finds?! Use the comments section to brag on all your bargain shopping savvy!


  1. Nice work, Mara! Our big find for the week was fresh cranberries at 99 cents/12 oz. bag. I have *never* seen the price drop so low. I put 10 bags in our freezer tonight, and that should last us until NEXT Thanksgiving.

    • I kept meaning to post that Aldi has them for $.99 this week too! (Along with $.99 pineapples and $.25/lb sweet potatoes – gotta go there tomorrow!)

  2. I managed to make it to shop n save for their $10 off $50, Thursday. That with coupons I only spent $30. And got Chex for $1 each! I’m happy.

  3. I swear there is a milk mafia in St. Louis. The lowest, lowest, lowest you’ll find is….$2.99. If I cross the river into IL you can find $1.99 or go West into MO, same thing. But we are an over-priced milk island.

  4. I don’t know what I’d do without Mexican Cheese Blend!

  5. Ah, no Costco membership. But that’s still $0.70 more than across the river!

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