My Weekly Savings | Dollar Tree + CVS

The deals were great at CVS this week, so I decided to head out on Sunday afternoon to pick up what I could get. Of course, this isn’t everything we will buy this week (for example, we made a produce run to Aldi today), but this was a coupon-heavy trip, so I wanted to share.

Dollar Tree

There were so many great coupons in yesterday’s paper that I decided to hit up the Dollar Tree and pick up two extra copies of the paper. While I was there, I also checked their bread cart, since they usually have a few kosher offerings for just $1. I manged to grab four loaves of Bimba bread, which will go straight to my freezer for school lunches.

Subtotal = $6 + tax


Then I headed over to CVS to pick up all the amazing freebies this week.
(8) Skintimate/Schick Hydro shaving gels, (6) SpeedStick deodorant, (2) Tom’s of Maine natural toothpaste (even without coupons, $.99 after ECBs is a great price!), (2) 50-count Advil caplets, (1) 24-count Advil Junior tablets, (2) bags of pretzel M&Ms.

Paid: $19.60 out of pocket + $10 in CVS Cash
Earned: $20 in ECBs + will submit for $10 Pfizer rebate and $5 SpeedStick rebate
Subtotal = $5.40 Money-Maker!

Combining the two trips, it’s like I paid $.60 for everything in the picture! Pretty awesome, huh?

Anyone else make a quick run to the drug stores? Maybe you hit up Target or your local grocery store? Share your savings in the comments section! I can’t wait to hear!


  1. I’m going to CVS tomorrow. Today I stopped at Walgreens and got the money-maker Blink drops and some Emerald cocoa roast almonds – yum! There was a coupon in this week’s paper for $1/1, IVC $1/2, and they were on sale for 2/$5 –> $1.50 each.

  2. I went to CVS today and bought two Skintimates, but the coupons didn’t print…can I go back get them, or just return the items? There was a shelf tag advertising the $4 back.

    • If it was tagged, then yes, you should have gotten your ECBs. I have heard that CVS is changing the limit to 1 – so it’s possible you will only get the ECB for the 1st of the shaving gels. In which case, yes, you can return the 2nd one!

      • i’ve read that the amazing shaving cream deal is now over. its gonna be $4ECB on the schick hydro razor only, limit 1. 🙁

  3. The CVS shaving cream was available for basically just tax in my area (unadvertised), so I stopped by and got 12. My kids love shaving cream baths, and they will be thrilled!

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