My Weekly Savings: Price Matching Is My Friend

I did a really quick trip to Walmart on Friday to pick up a very few items, most of which were price matched.

  • (4) bags of 12-oz cranberries – price matched to Aldi’s @ $.99 each
  • 1 10-lb bag of Russet potatoes – price matched to Adli’s $ $1.97
  • 4 boxes of Wacky Mac @ $1.08 each
  • 1 bunch of bananas @ $.42/lb (price matched to Costco – I was shocked they PM’d Costco, but I asked and the gal said yes!)

Later in the day, I drove right past an Aldi, so actually ran in to get their store brand of cream cheese and light cream cheese, both of which are on sale this week for $.89 each.

Total spent: $16.61

Highs: Cheap cranberries (these freeze well, too!) And saving $5.28 through price-matching alone!

Lows: None – quick trip, everything went well! Hooray!

Have you scored any great deals this week? Brag on all your shopping savvy in the comments section!

P.S. Do you like that very pattern-like lay-out of the groceries? It’s all 6 year-old!


  1. FYI- wacky mac is 98 cents at hy vee near oak park mall. you can also use your saving star card and get an extra 50 cents off one box.

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