New $1 Off Dorot Frozen Herbs Coupon has a new $1/2 coupon on Dorot Frozen Herb Cubes.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a printable coupon for Dorot, so I’d  print this one now before it’s gone!

I loved these in Israel and was so excited when I started seeing them here in the United States. You can find them at Trader Joe’s and Target – and I’ve actually gotten them on clearance before at Target for around $1.25 each – or under $1 with the coupon!

We’ve had the cilantro, basil, garlic and ginger – and all of them are great.


  1. Hi,

    My name is Tal and I am the CEO of Dorot in the US.

    If you like to – please contact me and I can give you a lot more information.

    Best regards,

    Tal Tal-or

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