New Ziploc Coupons (Think Post-Halloween Clearance)

I know this is gonna sound a bit strange, but hear me out…

There are two new Ziploc coupons on

Ziploc Container Coupon  – Save $1.50 off 2

Ziploc Bag Coupon – Save $1.00 off 2

And believe it or not, you can often find great clearance prices on Ziploc containers and bags that have a holiday theme on them in the post-holiday craze.

Target is a good source for this, and so is Walmart.

So, if you need Ziploc (and who doesn’t?), I’d go ahead and print out these coupons and stick ’em with your Target list, so you can be prepared to scout the clearance end caps.

Thanks for the heads up, Allison!

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