Nine Days Menu Planning Ideas

Bumping up this post from two years ago, since it’s that time of year again!

Here are some of my absolute favorite vegetarian main dish ideas, perfect for your Nine Days Menu Planning.

  • Potato and kale gratin with a nice, leafy green salad – Perfect for using up all your garden and/or summer CSA veggies.
  • Aloo Gabi – Fabulous and frugal, this Indian dish typically costs less than $5 for the whole meal.
  • Creamy Black Bean Burritos – Uh, yeah, we like Mexican-ish food in our house. And why not? It’s the perfect vegetarian meal!
  • Breakfast for Dinner – Scrambled eggs and bagels are tasty, quick and inexpensive. I’d say that makes it a win on all three counts. You can fancy things up by adding a kugel (my all-time favorite is peach noodle kugel) and some homemade muffins (you know I love these lemon poppy seed ones).
  • Homemade Pizza – We make pizza for dinner every Thursday night. This summer we’ve been experimenting with our garden and doing things like pepper and potato pizza, or white pizza with a layer of basil. I’m currently (well, not *right* this minute) testing out a new dough recipe, but for now – here is the one I recommend (#1 on the list).

Tell me: What are your favorite vegetarian meals? What’s on your menu plan for the Nine Days?


  1. We made baked ziti last night, and paired it with steamed zucchini circles dressed with fresh lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

    Another great dish is blintzes, with a cheese or potato filling, or cheese/spinach.

  2. Made brown rice, a small stir fry, and roasted tofu for lunch. And three out of the four kids ate most of the foods!

  3. Yum and yum. The Aloo Gabi is right up my alley. Also the pizza, oh, and the burritos…okay everything, really. Much thanks for the link love!

  4. missfrizzly says

    i found these last year during the 9 days, and i didn’t get a chance to try most of them but i’ve made stuff from everyday food before and the recipes are good, healthy and not too time-consuming…here are 85 meatless dinner ideas 🙂

  5. Mac and cheese
    Calzones using trader Joe pizza dough
    Bacon egg and cheese wraps (morning star bacon obviously)
    Salmon and Alfredo
    French onion soup

  6. My best pizza/pasta sauce is amazingly easy. I keep a container of it in the fridge and my husband has a habit of putting it on everything! Take one large can of diced tomatoes and add in garlic and basil, I typically use twice the amount of garlic as basil. You can make it to you family’s taste which is what I love about it. Sometimes I do add a little salt and pepper, but not always. This works well with almost any baked pasta dish. Tasty and frugal!

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