Old Navy 50% Off Outerwear Coupon

50% off coupon jackets old navy

To celebrate having one million Facebook followers, Old Navy has a great 50% off any one piece of outerwear coupon available on its Facebook page. Just “like” Old Navy and then print your coupon.

Hurry, you can only print the coupon until tomorrow, October 24. Then hang on to it to use at the store from October 26-28. I wonder if there will be a sale on outerwear at the same time? We can hope!

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  1. Thanks!!! That is an awesome coat…hopefully I will replace the hand-me-down coat my daughter hates!

  2. Um, I ,meant awesome coupon…I am slightly sleep deprived..

  3. I had my kid’s coat picked out and then realized I was a day early. So I waited until today when the 50% sale started only to realize they increased the price of the coat from $35.00 to $50.00. So now the coat I thought I would get for $17.50 is now $25.00. Boo!!!! That is above my threshold. SO I suppose I wait until January when the sales of the winter clothes start in earnest to make space for swim suits. The coats we have will last a few more months.

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