Oneida | Buy One Get One Free Flatware, Plus An Extra 20% Off! {Last Day}

Oneida Flatware Tuscany

I just wanted to remind you that today is the last day for Oneida’s fantastic Buy One, Get One Free 4-Piece Oneida Casual or Fine Flatware Sets. On top of those savings, you can also use the coupon code TK20 to get an extra 20% off your order.

If you need to replace or rebuild your silverware sets, this is a fantastic opportunity.

For example, you could get a full set of service for 8 place settings, by buying two sets of dinner forks, two sets of knives, two sets of teaspoons, two sets of tablespoons, and two sets of salad forks. The second set of each would be FREE with the sale and you’d save 20% on your total price.

For example, you can get the 20-piece Tuscany Set Service for 8 for only $35.96 after this coupon code! I love the look of this casual set.

Or just buy a couple extra filler sets of what you need at a fabulous price!

Get FREE shipping on fine flatware or FREE shipping on any order over $100.



  1. would LOVE a free shipping code on this… my pattern isn’t “fine” and I’m not ordering $100 but I just never have enough spoons and besides shipping the price is right!

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