Kosher for Passover Vegetarian Mushroom Quiche

Looking for some tasty vegetarian options for you Passover menu plan?

Osem has been working with Alison Gutwaks from the gourmet kosher blog AliBabka to create some wonderful customized recipes using their Kosher for Passover products.

AliBabka’s recipes are quick and easy – yet look and taste anything but. They give you that “wow” factor without requiring you to spend hours in your kitchen.

Recipes like Incredible Bissli Chicken Bites (my kids would go nuts for these!), Pecantastic Matzah Farfel, and chocolate-dipped Kosher for Passover Biscotti. Perhaps the one I’m most excited about, though, is this Passover Osem Mushroom Quiche — because you guys know I’ve got soft-spot for a good vegetarian Passover dish!

Would you like to win a big gift basket of Osem Kosher for Passover products worth $100, including:

  • Osem Homestyle Potato Pancake Mix
  • Osem Israeli Style Matzah Meal
  • Osem Marble Cake
  • Osem Chocolate & Coconut Cake
  • Osem Orange-Flavored Chocolate Covered Matzah
  • Osem Milk Chocolate Covered Matzah
  • Osem Matzah

Here’s how to enter the Osem Passover giveaway:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite Passover dish. For example, “I love matzah ball soup!” This comment is required to be entered to win this giveaway.

For two additional entries, you may do one, both or none of the following:

2. Like the Osem USA Facebook page, then come back and leave a separate comment on this post telling me that you have done so. If you already like them, just leave a comment to that effect.

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This giveaway is open only to residents of the United States who are 18 or older. Entries will be accepted until Sunday, April 6th at 11:59 p.m. CST. The winner will be selected randomly and notified by email immediately. He or she will have 48 hours to respond. Good luck!

Disclosure: I received compensation and complimentary products from Osem; Osem will also provide the winner of this contest with his or her prize package. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC regulations. And also because I want you to know.

My opinions are my own and were not influenced by any form of compensation. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are in no way associated with this giveaway. By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to me and me alone. I do not share or sell information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner.


  1. I like Osem on Facebook

  2. Kathy Kaufman says

    Matzoh lasagna is one of my favorites.

  3. Definitely Matza Brei- I can’t get enough of it on Pesach!

  4. For me it isn’t Pesach till there’s fried matzah for breakfast and whipped cream cheese on matzah for lunch. Yum!

    • For us it is Pesach when we eat ground lima bean (fresh, it is a legume) soup and Potato with boiled eggs and decorated with smoked tuna fish salad! I cannot get enough fresh stuff!

  5. Farfel cereal for breakfast. Just plain farfel, milk, a tad sugar. Delicious.

  6. Liked on FB

  7. Following on Pinterest.

  8. Matza w cream cheese

  9. Follow u on pintest

  10. Does matza and cream cheese count? I’m also partial to chicken with pesach “bread” crumbs

  11. My favorite are “Julie’s Nut Cookies” when I make them with Filberts they taste like heaven!

  12. Matzah brei made with shmurah matzah!

  13. Matzah ball soup is my favorite.

  14. Charoset

    Matzo Brei

  15. I love Pesach Brownies and Blondies.

  16. There’s a recipe in Claudia Roden’s Book of Jewish Food for Danish almond-apple macaroon for Pesach — it’s really more like a pie than a macaroon, made from almond meal, eggs, applesauce and sugar. I often add a bit of fresh ginger to the applesauce. I first made it for Pesach 2001, and we’ve had it every year since. I also love the charoset my husband makes (Ashkenazi-style).

  17. phill gold says

    simple Matzah Pizza keeps me going. Thanks!

  18. My favorite dishes for Pesach are:

    breakfast – a board of whole wheat matzah with whipped cream cheese and strawberry jam

    dinner – chicken soup with chicken and mushroom matzah roulade.
    dessert – matzah smores

  19. I liked OSEM on Facebook.

  20. I follow KOAB’s Passover Board on Pinterest.

  21. I love zucchini salad

  22. matza with cream cheese adn cinnamon sugar!

  23. i like OSEM’s facebook page!

  24. i follow your passover board on pinterest (@rbtzn)

  25. I love anything with potatoes!

  26. My favorite Pesach food is charoset

  27. I love everything about pasach food! No frills, nothing processed…theres nothing like cooking fresh food for yontiv.That being said, theres a special place in my heart for matzah brei with butter and salt!

  28. I like osem on facebook!

  29. OF COURSE I “Liked” Osem on Facebook

  30. OF COURSE I followed KOAB’s board on Pinterest (wish I had known about it sooner!)

  31. Matzo Brie

  32. like Osem

  33. matza pizza!

  34. We like crepes. I use them for noodles in soup, for eggrolls, and shmeared with jelly

  35. Ana Shapiro says

    I love cucumber salad! And I love homemade mayonnaise!

  36. Matzo crack is my favorite!

  37. Liked Osem on FB

  38. I love Matza Pizza!

  39. Chicken with matzah meal and spiced by adding a little onion soup mix to the matzah meal… I actually like it so much I eat it year round!!

  40. Appreciative says

    I love our Pesach rocky road brownies! 🙂
    thanks for the contest!!

  41. Appreciative says

    Liked Osem USA on fb 🙂

  42. Appreciative says

    following passover board on pintrest 🙂

  43. I look forward to matzah brie. People make it in different ways, but I grew up on a version that is like scrambled eggs with matzah mixed in.

  44. Also, I’m now following your board on Pinterest. I didn’t realize it was there and am now hoping to find craft ideas in the tradition of the old Juggling Frogs blog that I miss!

  45. matza lasagna!

  46. already follow you on interest 🙂

  47. Judy Fulda says

    Every Pesach I bake Shehakol Freezer Cake, an amazing cake with one nutty layer and one fudgy layer. Although the recipe calls for 13 eggs it makes a tremendous amount and lasts for days. It has no matzo meal and no potato starch. It brings back memories of Sedarim with my parents and my aunt (who made it every year), uncle and cousins who lived down the block

  48. potato bilkies

  49. I like osem on fb

  50. I love Matzah ball soup and honestly our charoset recipe is pretty good – could eat it all week!