Our November Meal Plan Themes

If it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it.

Meal planning themes continue to work really well for me. I like the predictability of knowing what type of food I will serve each day, without having to stress over committing to a specific meal or set of ingredients.

For November, here are our themes:

Sunday – In the Crockpot (look for more details about this in a post coming tomorrow)

Monday – Pasta

Tuesday – Fish

Wednesday – Mexican

Thursday – Pizza

I have left Friday night dinner & Saturday lunch of the list for now, for two reasons: 1) Because I like the freedom to be a little more creative on Shabbat, and 2) Because we just might get lucky and get invited out a few meals!

Another goal for this month is to practice some freezer cooking. Now, I am not sure if I’m quite ready for Once A Month Cooking (although didn’t Shaindy’s Kosher OAMC guest post make it seem doable?!), but I do want to work on doubling up meals when I’m already patchkeing in the kitchen.

Last night, for example, I whipped up some spinach enchiladas. I made one big pan and two small pans, freezing each of the smaller pans for later in the month. It’s so nice to know that I have a cache if meals in the freezer for “those” days – it’s like an Emergency Fund for feeding my family!

What are you planning to eat in November? Have you made your weekly / bimonthly / monthly menu plan yet? Share the details in the comments section. And please link to your post about it, if you’ve blogged menu planning details!


  1. I’ve always “cook-n-freeze” before I have a baby or if yet another Jewish holiday is coming 🙂 But I like the notion of freezing for any ordinary month. Espically for those lazy days (like today), and I just can’t bear the thought of making dinner. Please keep sharing your meal ideas, and maybe the recipe for the spinach enchiladas?

  2. Hey, we would like to have you over for a Shabbat. How is your youngest for walking? Not this week-end ;>), but perhaps later in the month?

  3. I would love your spinach enchiladas recipe! Have you tried Trader Joes fake ground beef crumbles? They are better than hamburger!
    Love you!

  4. I’m excited to see some of the crockpot recipes you will share. I have been following this other blog (non-kosher) who only cooks in crockpots and she has had some nice recipes. Some are already kosher, some need to be adapted and some have no hope, but still there are some good ones.

    The blog is:

  5. Mara, can you give your enchiladas recipe and instructions for freezing and defrosting? thanks!!

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