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I could really use your help!

Do any of my brilliant and wonderful readers (see how I butter you up before I ask for the favor?!) happen to have a connection to a shipping company - or any sort of national (or KC-based) company that might have a truck they could loan … [Read more...]

Yesh Tikvah Update: Over $1800 in Walmart Gift Cards!!!

Just a quick reminder that we will be wrapping up the Yesh Tikvah Campaign this weekend. On Sunday, my family is going to be packing up a TRUCK filled with all of your amazing donations and driving it down to Joplin's United Hebrew Congregation. I … [Read more...]

CVS Deals for Week of 6/5/2011

CVS is spoiling us with a ton of freebies this week. I definitely plan to stop in and pick up the Excedrin and toothbrushes to donate to tornado relief in Joplin. Here are the best kosher deals that I see, with big thanks to Crystal at The Thrifty … [Read more...]

June Financial Goals: Cutting Our Grocery Budget Challenge! Care to join me?

I've been in "survival" mode with our food budget for the last 6 weeks. Do you ever feel that way? It's like everything in life is in a holding pattern. The kids are still fed three squares a day - but creativity and color are a little... … [Read more...]

48-Pack of Similac Advance Ready-to-Feed Formula Just $10.86, Shipped!

I'm not usually a big promoter of formula deals, but this one is not only really good - it's also a great thing to donate for tornado victims in Joplin. (I just bought some for that very reason!) You can get a 48-pack of Similac Advance … [Read more...]