My Family’s Passover 2018 Menu Plan

Passover 2018 Menu Plan

I feel like I’m doing this earlier than usual, but then I looked at past menu plans on KOAB and realized – Nope, I’m a week later, actually.

I wonder if it just FEELS earlier because planning for Pesach in Israel is SO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL than planning was in America.

Y’all. This is reason enough to make aliyah!

  1. The stores are all (as in ENTIRELY, zero chametz) turned over — so shopping is a breeze. If you don’t eat kitniyot or derivatives, you have to be a bit careful, but nothing like trying to strategize my shopping trips.
  2. If you run out of milk or eggs during chag, no worries! They’re all marked KLP — so you can always buy more on Pesach.
  3. ONE.DAY.OF.YOMTOV — Okay, fine that doesn’t really have anything to do with making planning less stressful, but it’s just so awesome and puts me in a good mood. (Kinda like it being 82 degrees and sunny today puts me in a good mood. Nothing to do with menu planning, but I sure do love feeling sunshine in March!)
  4. And finally, RESTAURANTS. Need I say more?

And now onto our 2018 Passover Menu Plan:

Friday, March 30th

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs

Lunch: Baked potatoes & cottage cheese, cut-up veggies (we have the same pre-Pesach lunch every.single.year)


Seder Plate Stuff
Hard boiled eggs
Matzah ball soup
Sweet & sour meatballs – I’m making my own duck sauce (thanks, Between Carpools!)
Potato kugel
My mother in law’s sweet potato casserole
Roasted vegetable tray – zucchini, sweet potato, red & yellow pepper, red onion
Dessert: Strawberry lemon sorbet, chocolate frogs

Saturday, March 31st

Breafast: Matzah & cream cheese, fruit

Lunch for Yomtov Day

Strawberry soup
Grilled chicken breasts or thighs (depends which is on sale)
Sweet & sour meatballs
Accordion potatoes
Fennel & dill salad
Green salad
Tomato & basil salad
Dessert: Chocolate cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, fruit salad

Dinner: Matzah pizza, salad

Sunday, April 1st

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, fruit

Lunch: Out to lunch (beach)

Dinner: KLP pasta or zoodles & tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, green salad

Monday, April 2nd

Brunch: Matzah Brei, Fruit

Dinner: BBQ with all the fixings, oven roasted sweet potato fries

Tuesday, April 3rd

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, matzah & butter/cream cheese, fruit

Lunch:  Picnic lunch with friends

Dinner: Matzah lasagna & broccoli

Wednesday, April 4th

Breakfast: Matzah Brei

Lunch: Picnic lunch for our hike

Dinner: Out to dinner with my mother in law

Thursday, April 5th, Erev Chag Sheni

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, matzah & butter/cream cheese, fruit

Lunch: Matzah pizza

Yom Tov Dinner

Matzah ball soup
Flanken or ribs, depending which is on sale
Roasted sweet potatoes & potatoes
Roasted peppers, zucchini
Green salad
Moroccan carrot salad
Crinkle cookies, nut & raisins clusters, sorbet

Friday, April 6th – Chag Sheni/Erev Shabbat

Breakfast: Matzah brei

Yom Tov Lunch

Salad course
Chicken nuggets w/ almond meal
Mashed potatoes
Roasted vegetable tray
Fruit salad, marshmallow clusters

Shabbat DinnerLEFT.OVERS. (Don’t judge me!)

Saturday, April 7th – Passover is over in Israel, but we still can’t eat chametz quite yet because it’s Shabbat

Breakfast: Matzah & cream cheese, hard boiled eggs, fruit

Shabbat Lunch

Artichokes with dipping sauce
Salmon with pesto
Potato kale gratin
Cherry tomato & basil salad
Fruit salad

Dinner: Chametz? Pizza? Mimouna?

What’s on your menu plan???

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