Poached Peach & Chicken Salad Passover Recipe

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Poached Peach Chicken Salad pic

In the months leading up to Pesach, I often look at my Shabbat table and think to myself, “Wow – look at that. This whole meal, minus the challah, could be served on Passover.”

Fish or chicken, a quinoa pilaf, and loads of fresh salads.

And yet come Pesach, I inevitably find myself in a rut. The potato-potato-meat-potato-potato rut.

If you, too, want to break out of your Passover rut, then check out the award-winning cookbook by Aviva Kanoff called No Potato Passover.

Aviva’s recipes are based largely on seasonal produce, fresh herbs, dairy and eggs, or healthy meats, chicken and fish.

The recipes are eye-catching and mouth-watering, such as this recipe for Poached Peach & Chicken Salad, which Aviva’s publishers have graciously allowed me to reproduce here on Kosher on a Budget.


  1. for those of us that only use veggies that can be peeled, this recipe is not too helpful.
    I guess its back to the potatoes for us. Luckily I love potatoes. Every meal is a different version.

  2. Rae, this is a great exercise in adaptability. You can easily peel the peaches, and instead of the greens, use some sort of peeled green rabe, like broccoli rabe (discard the florets). My cousin holds chassidishe minhagim on Pesach and also does not eat any produce that can’t be peeled, but she creatively adapts most recipes to fit her restrictions.

    Thanks, Mara, for showing us how to deliciously expand our Pesach menus!

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