Photo Canvases for as low as $15.05 Shipped

There is a super hot deal right now on photo canvases from Canvas People.

First, they are on sale as follows (no coupon code required, just use the links in this post):

These are already great prices, as even with a Groupon, you usually pay at least $45 for a photo canvas.

EVEN BETTER, there is a free subscription deal from Family Fun Magazine that comes with all of these photo canvases. And if you — like me — would prefer the hard cold cash to a magazine subscription (especially when you can get that subscription for a fraction of the cost with one of my magazine deals), you can get the value refunded instead, which is $14.95!

That brings the prices on these canvases down even more:

11×14 print just $15.05 after rebate

16×20 only $24.05 after rebate

18×24 for just $18.04 shipped after rebate

Just scroll down to the bottom of the offer page to find a link with the refunds details and form.

Rebates must be sent in within 30 days of purchase.

(If you recently ordered a photo canvas, you should still be eligible for this rebate.)

Thanks, ChaChing on a Shoestring.


  1. The refund is only if you spend 49.99 or more so as far as I can see, you can’t do the refund with the $30 prices.

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