Post-It: What’s Your Organizational Style Quiz

I’m kind of obsessed with organizing. In that, “If I didn’t have life – aka blog/school/family – to contend with, I’d most likely be found rearranging the closet” way. Seriously – nothing calms my soul like decluttering our storage room.

(Wish that meant my house was always super organized, but that nagging life always seems to needs contending with.)

Anyway, given my obsession, I was all over Post-Its’ fun what’s your “organizational style” quiz?

Take a quiz from Post-It to find out what your organizational style is.

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I’m a “Curator”, by the way – according to Post-It.

You have a system in place to help you avoid clutter. Your goals are defined, your priorities are in order, and you know exactly what you’re looking for.

What’s your style?

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  1. Chani Rosenblatt says

    According to the quiz I’m an improviser, but somehow that doesn’t surprise me at all. 😉

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