Purim Sameach + A Frugal, Fun and (Slightly) Fattening Mishloach Manot!

Purim Sameach!! Happy Purim!!

My kids and I just got back from delivering our mishloach manot, but I remembered to snap a picture of one to share with you all.

Think of it as a virtual shalach manot!

You see? It’s an ice cream sundae-to-go! The idea came to me at Target, when they were having their crazy freezer sale event.

Those single servings of ice creams were just $.30 each, when you factor in the gift card. I bought 25 of them, which came to about $7.50 after gift cards.

We grabbed the teeny tiny fake Tupperwares at the Dollar Store ($6 for 60), which are filled with chopped nuts, chocolate sauce and Maraschino cherries. We had the nuts and sauce on hand, but bought the cherries – 2 jars for $1.65 each.

The disposable bowls came from Walmart ($2), where we also bought the cellophane wrap (4x$1). The ribbon and plastic spoons we had at home.

All together, we spent less than $23 to make 25 mishloach manot. And, if I do say so myself, I think they turned out pretty cute.

The most time-consuming part was the cellophane. I think that takes a certain skill set, which I obviously don’t have.

Our card reads, “You are the cherry on top of our Purim sundae. Thanks for being our friends through all of life’s sweet smachot.”

Hope you are having a wonderful Purim. Did you snap a shot of your mishloach manot? I’d love to see it! Share it by uploading to the KOAB Facebook wall.

P.S. The only drawback to the ice cream sundae-to-go idea is that your mishloach manot can melt very easily. We stored the ice creams in the deep freeze, so they were nice and solid. Then as we assembled each one, we stored them in a freezer chest – which is how we transported them for delivery as well. We also went out a bit later in the day than usual, hoping to catch everyone at home – which we were mostly fortunate to do. Perishable mishlaoch  manot definitely adds stress, but I’d do it again, as these really were fun and frugal.

(Hey! I just realized that our card is a pun… or actually a homonym… since Purim is on a Sunday this year. Oh man, I crack myself up.)


  1. This is such a great idea!! YOU are creative AND thoughtful!! Love reading your posts.

  2. What an original idea! LOVE it! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks! I was so psyched when I came up with it in the Target freezer aisles 😉

      Hope your Purim was wonderful! xo

  3. Oh what a cute ,great idea! That’s one I have never seen before!
    Oh wow the freezer issues must have been added stress like you said but they do look well worth it!


    • I feel bad, because there are two families that never got their mishloach manot – it was almost 80 degrees today! I just couldn’t leave ice cream sitting on their front porch!

  4. a few questions. How did u keep the ice cream from defrosting? ice cream is expensive too?

  5. I was planning on doing something similar this purim (without the actual ice cream, but with cones and toppings, etc.) and looking for interesting ways to adorn the box I’m putting it in. I LOVE the graphic you use of the ice cream sundae – can you tell me where you got it? Can you send it to me or can I download it somewhere?


    • Oh gosh, I think I just Googled for coloring pages of an ice cream sundaea. Try that and let me know if you don’t find anything!

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