Reader Tip: Get to Know Your Cashiers

I’m always telling you how much I love hearing from my readers. Often I get questions about how to save money or utilize coupons, but the other day I received a super couponing tip from one of my readers, Amanda in Connecticut. Whether you are a coupon newbie or have been strategic shopping for years, Amanda’s advice can help you improve your shopping experience.

Getting to know the people in your neighborhood supermarket, even if it is a big chain, it is extremely helpful with coupons. One woman knows I like to use coupons and sometimes the catalinas print out coupons and people don’t take them. Every time I see her now she hands me a few. Today she gave me a $5 off $70 order. It was a big shopping week for me so I knew I would hit that $70 point. So I saved $5 extra just by knowing the people that work there.

This is such great advice! Even if you don’t get a $5 off coupon for your next order, a friendly relationship with the cashiers can definitely help to ease any coupon snafus.

Have you developed a coupon hack to smooth the way with your strategic shopping? I’d love to hear about it! Share in the comments section, or send me an email at kosheronabudget @ gmail . com.

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  1. I don’t have hint – just another question. How can you convince other stores that those catalina coupons that say “manufacturer coupon” can indeed be used anywhere? I had to leave CVS emptyhanded on Sunday because I couldn’t convince them that I was holding a manufacturer’s coupon and not a Giant coupon (since it had the Giant logo on it).

    • Chaya, did the catalina say “Manufacturer” or “Manufacturer Coupon” across the top? In that case, I would probably have very politely asked for the manager and then tried pleading my case to her. If that still didn’t work, and especially if I was made to feel like *I* had been doing something wrong, I might have made a phone call to CVS Corporate. But hopefully the manager could have cleared it right up. Sorry, that’s so frustrating 🙁 What were you trying to get?

  2. Really? I can use my Stop & Shop catalinas elsewhere if they say “Manufacturer’s Coupon”. Instead of Store coupon? I had no idea. Does this work often at Target?

    • Yup, you really can. Like Chaya said, you may get some pushback from uninformed cashiers. But yes, if it say “manufacturers” then it’s just like a coupon you clip from the paper.

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