Reader’s Story | So Excited to be Getting Out of Debt!

I’m so excited for my reader, J! She’s been emailing me for a while about their getting out of debt plans – and now they are really on a roll with their debt snowball.

Dear Mara,

We just paid off our SECOND DEBT!

Turned out car needed minor repairs so using extra $$$ you know where…

Of course this is all due to you (and the sweet potato burritos!)

Tracking all our expenses for this month and will see how it goes…

AND…wait for this…found mushrooms on sale for $1.99/ pound instead of the $2.99 it usually is! I slice and freeze in baggies and use it for soups, stirfries, etc….

Go, J! Go, J! Go, J!

I’m so proud of J and her husband! In no time, they will be screaming “We’re Debt FREE!”


  1. Hi Mara –

    I just came across your blog. I have been a big fan of Dave Ramsey for a while and my husband always said there should be a Dovid Ramsey for Frum people. Our problem has always been after we pay all our fixed expenses tuition, mortgage, etc we are left with very very very little for food. My husband already works 2 jobs and I also work part time, which is as much as I can handle with all my family responsibilities. We don’t take vacations unless they are free or close to that, no one goes to camp, in other words we really do live very simply. We are not sure how to bring in more income or exactly what to cut when we’ve looked at things and we don’t see anything to cut. Would you have any miracle suggestions please let me know.

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