Register Your Keurig Brewer & Get 96 K-Cups for $.30 Each – Shipped!

My dad bought a Keurig during Black Friday. He adores it. But the bane of my existence has now become finding him a deal for under $.40 per K-cup.

Occasionally Amazon has deal for around $.40 per cup – but even that isn’t such a metziah.

I want better for my dad, ya know?

Voila! Here’s better!

There are a few steps to it, but follow along and you should be able to score four large boxes of K-cups for around $30 – which equals just over $.30 per cup.

Step 1: Register your Keurig Brewer online at You will need your serial number, which is more than likely on the bottom of your brewer.

Step 2: Receive a welcome email, which includes a unique coupon code from Keurig for Buy Two Boxes, Get Two Boxes FREE. When you take advantage of the code, you will also get FREE SHIPPING and the 10% Coffee Club discount on all K-cups you purchase.

Step 3: Go pick out your K-cups. Add four of the large boxes to your shopping cart. You can mix and match brands and flavors, but add the more expensive of the boxes to your cart first. Note that large boxes have either 22, 24 or 25 cups per package, depending upon brand. The Buy Two, Get Two FREE offer is not eligible for the 80-count value-size boxes.

Step 4: Proceed to checkout and enter your unique code. The 10% club discount and FREE shipping should automatically apply.



  1. Mara,
    I registered my brewer and got my code. I can’t seem to get my price even near yours. Any suggestions?

    • Put four boxes in your cart – two should be free with your code, plus the 10% discount and free shipping. Are you not getting the two for free?

  2. Ok, now I get it! I hope you don’t mind, I posted your deal and linked to your post.

  3. Mike Campbell says

    I cannot register our Keurig using your site or the Keurig site, both go to a blank page.
    I called Keurig and they could care less. Please advise what the problem might is with

    Thank you,

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