*Important Reminder* Make Your Passover 2017 Notes Now (& Check for Clearance)

This is your friendly, annual reminder to make your notes for next year’s Pesach tonight. As you’re packing up your Pesach items!

Here’s what I make sure to include in my notes:

  • What recipes worked?

(I made really easy sweet and sour meatballs – one part duck sauce to one part tomato sauce. Kids loved it!  I’ll definitely make it again. Our lemon strawberry sorbet and marshmallow clusters continue to be hits, too. And these flourless chocolate cookies were new to my repertoire, and definitely a winner.)

  • Did any of your recipes flop – make a note so you don’t make them again next year?!
  • Did you pack away any unopened food stuffs for next year? I keep my spices from year to year – I just tape the lid and store the containers in a ziplock bag.
  • Did you overbuy (or underbuy) any particular ingredients?

This year, I am making my notes in Google Docs, and then sharing a link in Google calendar for a month before next Pesach. That way, a friendly reminder from myself will pop up just as I start stressing again about the holiday!

And while you still have Pesach on the brain, be sure to check the clearance aisles at your grocery store — many of you will be lucky enough to find non-perishable Kosher for Pesach items for 50% off or more. What a nice way to get a jump start on saving for your April 2017 food budget.

Did you make Pesach notes? 




  1. Lauren Rosen Gerofsky says:

    So, we buy gefilte fish and matzo ball soup in jars and then “doctor” them up. I am wondering how long you think they keep in sealed jars? We have some left and I hate to get rid of them if I don’t need to. Thanks. I love the idea of making notes on the calendar for next year. My family uses Cozi online.

    • I have kept gefilet fish for at least a year to eighteen months. My daughter loves it year round. I buy it after Passover for very little and save it.

  2. bratschegirl says:

    I had understood that matzo kosher for this year’s Pesach could not be held over to next year, that it was kosher only for this year.

    • If it’s kosher for Pesach this year and it’s unopened it’s kosher for Pesach for future years. Whole wheat matzah may turn rancid bur white matzah keeps forever. Seal it in plastic bags and if necessary put in oven for a couple of minutes next Pesach or the one after that. Canned non acidic products are good for several years. Now is the time to buy the matzah meal, potato starch etc for future years.

    • Shulammis says:

      We always keep leftover Matzah from year to year–it stays Kosher for Pesach as long as you keep it stored away from Chometz.

  3. Daniella says:

    I made my list of food that I am storing for next year…I am so pleased that I actually wrote it down and decided to save it instead of adding it to my already extensive spice collection for year round… I should save a lot of money writing this all down…since next year I will not need to buy Matza, seasonings, potato starch, matzo meal, cake mixes, and spices…I also plan to start putting aside money for next pesach… we literally spent over $1500 on Pesach this year…money we did not have for this! So crazy!!!

  4. Canned and jarred foods generally tend to store well from year to year, so I stock up now on sale items. Also, some items are useful all year round, like canned mandarins and such, and the pesach discounts are fantastic.

    Also, cake-mixes are fine from year to year. those do fine.

    AYLOR, but my understanding is that matza is fine from year to year. In fact, so many of the pesach products we buy have an expiration date usually around….next March! Somehow, I doubt that 1 month before next pesach they go bad… We use the “old” matza for cooked dishes, like matza brei and matza lasagna, and no one notices any difference. Also, Matza meal is cheap now, which I use year-round for bread crumbs (whole wheat).

  5. Any idea how long canned tuna and salmon can be stored?

  6. RS Farber says:

    Yes! We made a list and taped it to the front of our Pesach pantry on wheels. We roll it in from the garage every year before Pesach, and back out at the end of the chag. Changed my life 🙂
    Tip: consider a tax deductible donation of unused matzah and matzah products with a long shelf life to local food banks or non profit schools that are required to have emergency food supplies for the kids.

  7. Batya gilbert says:

    I keep a spreadsheet for Year to year with what I bought sometimes how much it costs and the quantities I need and what I have left over. I also add my recipes to one worksheet and then another worksheet for all the days of Passover who’s coming and what food I am serving
    Already here in Chicago the jewel grocery store had $.99 for almost everything on Friday afternoon and probably the rest of the stuff is gone. They donate the leftover food to the chesed fund

  8. I see so many conflicting things online about how long jarred things can be stored–e.g. my husband found something that says mayo should only be stored 2-3 months. Do you have a reliable website to consult? And do you really think potato starch and cake meal if open are OK for another year?

  9. Shulammis says:

    I also keep track of how many disposable pans and dishes I have left, which cleaning supplies (dishwashing liquid, for instance) need to be replenished, and whether I need any new utensils or dishes. Then I can buy them during the year when I find them on sale. Boruch Hashem I have a Pesach kitchen to store it all in–I’m very grateful for this! But you can take advantage of this regardless of where you store your Pesach items.

  10. Sora Deetza says:

    Matza, matza meal etc can get infested even if sealed in zipper bags. Be careful!
    Potato starch, matza meal, nuts, cake meal etc can be double wrapped and stored in the freezer, if you have the space!
    Check cans and jars for expiration dates and use them as a suggested date!

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