Rental Cars in Israel ~ Best Rates + Customer Service

Are you planning a trip to Israel? Maybe for the chagim? Or to visit one of your children spending the year here? Or a family smicha?

One of the biggest costs (and stressors) is finding a rental car in Israel — especially if you need a larger-size car, like a 6- or 7-seater.

When we came to visit four years ago, I spent hours comparing prices and in the end, I pulled the trigger and basically just hoped for the best. If you’re facing the same frustrations, I’ve got a great insider tip for you!

Israel Cars 4 U offers the best prices and THE ABSOLUTE BEST customer service in Israel.

My friend Shimon Yitzchaki from Israel Cars 4 U will be the personal concierge for all KOAB readers; he is available before, during and after your trip. Have an issue with your car? Just call Shimon!

Whether you are looking to rent a car for a day, week, month or longer, Shimon can help you. Just send him an email to or call him at 201-503-4705.

(If you’re in Israel and need to arrange a rental car for your family coming for a visit, you can reach Shimon at 052-380-6010.)

Be sure to tell him that Mara from Kosher on a Budget sent you!

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