Rosh Hashana Giveaway Week: Day #2: Carvel Ice Cream Cakes (3 Winners)

Yes, yes, I know that the traditional dessert on Rosh Hashana is honey or apple cake. But you know what? With these three-day yomtovs, I can’t imagine having MEAT at every single meal (that’s 18 meals over Rosh Hashana and Sukkot – not counting chol ha’moed).

And really, is there anything sweeter than a Carvel ice cream cake?!

Not only are their cakes and novelties delicious, but Carvel’s customer service has proven to be outstanding. I am totally impressed with them.

Which is why I was so excited when Carvel offered to join the KOAB Rosh Hashana Giveaway Week with three certificates for a Carvel ice cream cake (retail value $27.99).

The three winners can pick out their cake at any Carvel ice cream shop – or at the many grocery stores that carry them as well. All Carvel cakes are certified kosher by the Kof-K.

And more sweet news: Everyone will be a winner on September 22, Carvel’s Customer Appreciation Day, when all customers can receive a FREE lil’ flying saucer if they stop by their local Carvel. (Oh, how I wish there was a Carvel in Kansas City.) Go like the Carvel Facebook page to get all the details.

Are you interested in winning one of THREE Carvel ice cream cakes? Just leave a comment on this post with your favorite ice cream flavor or ice cream treat. (For eg. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream.) Three winners will be drawn at random on September 21.

Good luck!

Sorry, but this giveaway are open to U.S. residents only.

Everyday this week, I am hosting another Rosh Hashana giveaway. All Rosh Hashana giveaways will be open for entries until Tuesday, September 20 at 11:59 CST. You may enter each giveaway one time only. The winners of all the giveaways will be announced next Wednesday.

Disclaimer: Carvel will provide the certificates to the three winners. I did not otherwise receive compensation for running this giveaway. All positive opinions of Carvel’s cakes and customer service are my own – including the fact that I wish we had one in Kansas City.


  1. Oddly enough, I always choose vanilla ice cream even though I prefer chocolate everything else. But my FAVORITE ice cream treat is to make a chocolate martini and then pour it over a bowl of moose tracks ice cream. SO DECADENT!

  2. When I lived near a Carvel shop, my very favorite was a Brown Bonnet made with chocolate soft serve and then rolled in chocolate sprinkles as the chocolate shell hardened.

  3. That would have to be CHOCOLATE!! Did you even have to ask??

  4. LOVE mint chocolate chip!

  5. Rebecca Starr says

    Chocolate Peanut Butter For sure!

  6. I love the Carvel oreo ice cream cakes!

  7. flying saucers. But chocolate peanut butter is good also.

  8. Cookies N Cream mmmmm

  9. cookies n cream mmmm

  10. Moose tracks – mini peanut butter cups with chocolate and peanut butter ribbons in vanilla ice cream. Yum!

  11. Lauren Gerofsky says

    Cannot resist cookies and cream ice cream almost anywhere! Thanks for the great offers!

  12. I love ice cream with fruit flavors–apple, strawberry, etc.

  13. I love soft chocolate carvel ice cream with chocolate crunchies. My favorite treat any time of year.

  14. Sandi Jarrett says

    I love mint chocolate chip (and so does my daughter).

  15. phish food by Ben and Jerry’s yummmmmmmmmmmm

  16. I have always loved Carvel soft-serve ice cream w/the chocolate cookie crunch on top

  17. I LOVE Carvel cakes – we used to have one every year for my b-day.

    Chocolate, strawberry and coffee are my favorite flavors – I select depending on what mood I am in. If I had to pick one I would have to say chocolate 🙂

    misaacmom at gmail dot com

  18. Nothing beats the old fashioned flavor of Carvel’s cotton candy ice cream!! Reminds me of the carnivals and rides when we were kids…..

  19. Mocha anything. Coffee addict here.

  20. coffee! chocolate!

  21. Anything with crunchies!!

  22. I love Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food! So Yummy!

  23. Any ice cream with peanut butter in it!

    (I just want to point out that not all Carvel stores are certified Kof-K. I once asked in a non-certified store about the cakes, and they said that they make the cakes in the store. So those cakes would not be certified Kof-K. All the ones I’ve seen in the grocery stores, though, have always been marked Kof-K.)

  24. it’s a family tread- we love chocolate chip mint!

  25. My favorite ice cream treat is chocolate chip ice cream (from baskin robbins) but my favorite carvel ice cream treat is the bunny cake!

  26. We love carvel in our house. Can’t imagine life without it

  27. All about the mint chocolate chip!

  28. Here we have cake batter ice cream! Yummy.

  29. mmm… I gotta love coffee ice cream 🙂 YUMMMMM!!!!!

  30. We love cookies and cream ice cream. You get both the chocolate and vanilla in one. Tasty treat that cannot be beat!

  31. Vanilla with gummi bears 🙂

  32. I like anything with caramel swirls in it! Well, maybe not *anything*…

  33. I love chocolate ice cream in any of its many decadent combinations and forms! 🙂

  34. I don’t drink coffee but for some reason I love coffee ice cream!

  35. nothing beats vanilla carvel soft-serve on a sugar cone…. YUM!!

  36. So I know this isn’t original but my favorite ice cream treat really is Carvel ice cream cake. Has been since I was a little girl.

  37. There’s nothing in the world like a cone of soft serve vanilla with rainbow sprinkles

  38. vanilla cake with the chocolate crunchies on the bottom!!

  39. Chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate??

  40. Favorite ice cream flavor is for sure Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food.

  41. Rachael Gray-Raff says

    mocha chip!

  42. Chavelamomela says

    Vanilla & Chocolate twist brown bonnet.

  43. Rondeau’s Ice Cream (ice cream certified kosher) in Palmer MA. Next to Camp Ramah New England. Favorite flavor – chocolate lovers trash!

  44. mmmmm….jamoca almond fudge is my favorite ice cream!

  45. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate swilled through it, yum!

  46. Love, Love, Love a hot fudge sundae.

  47. chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

  48. world class chocolate from Baskin Robbins

  49. My favorite ice cream treat is a Jamoca milkshake! Thanks for the chance to win this great prize! 🙂

  50. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream.