Safari Wooden Playset – $499, Shipped (Save $350+)

Are you looking at putting a wooden playset in your backyard?

Then you know how expensive these can run, right?

(In fact, we were so deterred by the price that we decided against it and just “make” our kids go the park. Granted, the park is basically in our front yard, so not much of a tircha.)

Home Depot is having a killer sale on the five-star rated Gorilla Safari Playset right now.

Get it for only $499 — and that includes shipping. (The shipping alone would be well over $100 on an item this big and bulky, so that’s a huge savings, too.)

The playset includes:

  • rock climb wall
  • covered play suite
  • 2 swings
  • trapeze
  • wave slide
  • built-in picnic table
  • accessories: steering wheel, flags and safety handles

This is a complete swing set, ready to assemble with all of the prep-work done. It is pre-sanded, pre-stained and pre-drilled. And it comes with a 10 year warranty.

(I am now reconsidering our anti-play-set stance…)

The sale price is valid thru December 12th, or while supplies last – and I’m assuming at a price like this, they won’t last for too long.


  1. HI! So I just ordered this and am completely psyched! Just a note that the website is a little glitchy now and shows up as “out of stock” once the item is in your cart and you try to checkout. Don’t worry! For now its still there, and all you have to do is call customer service to order.

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