Saveur Magazine – $4.99 for a One-Year Subscription (Get Up to 3 Years)

For all you foodies, you can get a one-year subscription today to Saveur Magazine for only $4.99 (74% off) when you use the coupon code KOSHERBUDGET at checkout.

You may choose to buy up to three years at this same price – it’s like stockpiling for your magazine subscriptions.

Saveur Magazine is an award-winning food and travel publication that covers the world of authentic cuisine. Each issue of Saveur provides brilliant photography, extraordinary stories, and recipes that reflect the traditions, history, and love of fine foods the world over. Saveur Magazine harks back to food before it was processed, lite, or artificial. Saveur is a magazine that still remembers what real food was meant to taste like.

(P.S. Because the last time I posted this someone asked – Saveur isn’t kosher. I think the person who asked knew that and was being sarcastic. But maybe not. If you aren’t familiar with Saveur, keep in mind that you will need to tweak the recipes. And yes, there may be recipes you can’t tweak, like for shellfish.)

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