Seasonal Special Buys at ALDI

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Reason #48,941 that I love Aldi.

All their seasonal special buys.

From electric fireplaces in the winter to pool floats in the summer, those middle aisles at Aldi are packed with great buys.

Here are some of my current favorites (selection and prices may vary – but be sure to check out your local Aldi and let us know what deals you saw).

Utility Table $34.99

6-foot utility table for just $34.99 – This is a FANTASTIC price, so buy now for your sukkah, rather than pay double that in September!

Pineapple CorerPineapple Corer $2.99

Pineapple Corer, Slicer & Peeler for just $2.99 – You know I love the one I got from Amazon, but if you don’t want to wait 3 weeks for shipping (and you want to save $.50+), grab it now in the Summer Deals aisle at Aldi

Passover pantry

Utility Closet on clearance for just $27.99 – This will definitely vary by store, but I spotted two at my store 10 days ago. If you can snag this, it’s a HUGE savings. Remember, I picked one up last year and used it for our Pesach pantry this year. I loved having it!

Kosher Aldi Database Button

Of course, don’t forget about all the kosher food at Aldi. It’s not just great for produce, milk and eggs. Aldi has hundreds of kosher-certified food items at bargain prices! Find them all in the new Kosher Aldi Database.


  1. Aldi is my go to store when I can’t find the item on sale for a better price elsewhere. I know I can always get basics there like my milk

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