FREE Seder Table & Seder Plate Checklists

You’re in the final countdown ’til Pesach – and there’s so much to remember to do!

No worries: I’ve got you covered.

If you have the Guide to a Stress-Free Passover, flip to page 37 for your seder plate and seder table checklists. You can still buy the Guide HERE. That pre-filled grocery list saved me today when I had to make a shopping list for my husband.

Otherwise, you can download a free copy of the seder table checklist HERE.


  1. kittel
    stuff for dipping in the salt water

  2. Rivka H. says

    Something else to add to the pesach binder. 🙂 I always forget the cos eliyahu.

  3. Even though the kids are in their late teens and there are no little ones, we always have a frog of some sort on the table! It has become a family tradition. Frogs here, frogs there, frogs are jumping everywhere! Thank you for a great site.

  4. The shankbone or lamb, beef of your custom for the Seder plate!

  5. Just checking in to say Thank You! This has been very helpful to me every year and kept from running around trying to remember everything. I’m loving your “deals” newsletters. I used my Kitchen Aid handmixer today; I’m very happy I bought it when you recommended it. (As well as other good deals recently) Chag Kosher v’sameach

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