Seder Table Checklist

Yesterday I shared a quick seder plate checklist.

But of course, the seder plate isn’t all we have to remember for our seder table.

Here’s a checklist of the items you’ll want to be sure you prepare and set on your seder table.

Did I miss anything? Let me know!




  1. kittel
    stuff for dipping in the salt water

  2. Rivka H. says:

    Something else to add to the pesach binder. 🙂 I always forget the cos eliyahu.

  3. Even though the kids are in their late teens and there are no little ones, we always have a frog of some sort on the table! It has become a family tradition. Frogs here, frogs there, frogs are jumping everywhere! Thank you for a great site.

  4. The shankbone or lamb, beef of your custom for the Seder plate!

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