Ship My Pants = Best.Ad.Ever

This KMart ad popped up on You Tube yesterday.

I can’t.stop.laughing.

I’ve watched it a half dozen times and cracked up every time.

“I just shipped my bed.”


I gotta say K-Mart scored a total WIN with this spot in my opinion (feel free to disagree ;-)). Way to go big K ad-team!

And by the way, if you want to “ship your pants” (or any other attire item, excluding clearance and infant clothing), you can save $5 off any $30 order between now and May 3rd when you use the coupon code SHIPMYPANTS.

(Just try not to giggle too much when you type that in!)



  1. sharon moseson says

    ROFLMAO……. that is way TOO funny!!!

  2. sorry. disagree.

  3. Shulammis says

    Excuse my denseness, but I really don’t get what’s so funny!

  4. I think its pretty funny!!!

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